Lessons from Batman: The Greatest Fictional Character

by on November 22nd, 2014
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Batman is a favorite fictional figure to many. Creator Bob Kane’s gift of the dark knight story and the beautifully crafted villains is a treasure. Nevertheless the real gift of the Batman is the indirect lessons in his story. These lessons lack from other popular superheroes which make Batman the best fictional character and superhero ever.


Unlike Spiderman or Superman, Batman is a superhero that relies solely on human strength to protect him. It takes strength to leap across 50 feet sky scrapers and fight treacherous criminals. In order for Batman to achieve his maximum athletic ability, he had to train physically. The fruits of his training have made Batman a powerful being since 1939. If Batman was not in shape, he would have died in 1939.

Human beings can learn the importance of being in shape from the Batman saga. Maintaining health is essential for humans to operate in their professional and personal lives. Without health, many life necessities would be void. This is why it is equally important for humans to maintain health so life can flourish. Batman health is also vital for the safety of others. In contrary everyone’s health in the world is important to the personal or professional development of others. What would life be like for you if a key stakeholder in your life perished due to bad health? Think about it!


Remember the challenging death traps of the 1960’s television show “Batman“? Batman survived every death trap presented to him not only on the television show but in comics, movies, and the animated series. His education and intellect not only saved his life but other lives as well. Batman’s knowledge helped him dissect outlandish riddles, speak many languages, and solve mind blowing crimes.

What humans can learn from the Batman story is the importance of being educated. Gaining knowledge is the solution to solving problems in life. Many human beings suffer because they lack knowledge. If Batman knowledge was void, he would not be able to survive. Instead he would be the victim of a violent act brought to you by the Joker. Everyone has a symbolic Joker in their personal lives, rather disease, income disparity, or other life’s ills. Batman teaches us to cease the actions of our own personal life Joker by being educated. Being educated in multiple subjects is essential for the termination our personal Jokers. If we are not educated, our real life Jokers will destroy the human race. Just imagine life without doctors who treat cancer and HIV patients. Scary, isn’t it?


Bruce Wayne, Batman’s alias, is a wealthy business man who inherited his wealth from his parents. Wayne’s wealth grew because he maintained his family business “Wayne Enterprise” and increased his income stream. Wayne’s wealth is the lifeline of Batman. Without Wayne’s wealth, Batman would not have all the fancy high tech weapons, the bat cave, or the bat mobile. Wayne’s wealth not only provides every gratification imaginable, but it also protects Gotham city as well.

The lesson of wealth in the Batman tale, show humans the importance of building wealth and maintaining wealth. Wayne inherited his wealth. However he was able to maintain his wealth beyond his parent’s death. In the real world, people inherit, earn, or win wealth but fail to maintain wealth. If Wayne did not maintain his wealth, the citizens of Gotham would be in trouble. In the real world, humans must maintain wealth so they can help others in life. Maintaining wealth is a safety net that allows growth in every sector of our lives. Bruce Wayne also gave back with his wealth by providing Batman to Gotham. Humans must learn the importance of helping others with their wealth.

In conclusion, Batman leaves us with these valuable life lessons. This is why he has earned a spot in many hearts as the best fictional character. He will also be around in future generations. Eager Batman fans can see him in this summer’s anticipated movie “The Dark Knight Rises.” The legacy of Batman will surely continue forever.

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