Kim Kardashian’s Astrology Now

by on December 1st, 2010
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Kim Kardashian’s astrology chart has been done, and redone from many different astrological slants. Very simply, she was born to be rich and beautiful. She is experiencing an episode in life that everyone goes through. This article only hits some highlights as far as her birth chart, because she’s experiencing a one time only transit that astrologers often call “the great equalizer.”

Recently, Libran’s have been under the influence of the planet Saturn, and Kim Kardashian is no exception.

According to Robert Hand, world renowned astrologer, the planet Saturn reaching its 28 year apex and return means an individual becomes an adult. Serious issues seem to jump into reality as if a whole string of harsh facts come from nowhere and broadside the recipient of the energy. The effects last for a few years after this huge planet moves on.

For those who have passed the age of thirty, look at what was happening in life between 27 and 30 years old. For those who haven’t, look out.

The good news is that Libra, with her balancing scales, takes these life energies and balances the restrictive events that come along with a Saturn transit. Still, adulthood has a sobering effect as the magic of the twenties fade away.

The best thing Kim could do with her life right now is enter some kind of a discipline, and dieting is a natural. This is an interesting fit with the onset of adulthood since the growth hormone that’s active in the early part of life begins to slow down during the thirties. The growth hormone is what enables young folks to eat more than adults and escape gaining weight to any serious degree.

Saturn brings serious changes into life. This is an axiom that would be nice for reporters to know about. Sadly, the media hurled accusations such as how Kardashian married for money. She expressed the wish for a long term marriage, and how she wants children according to a conversation with Kelly Ripa on LIVE! With Kelly according to “US Weekly.”

At Kim’s age, a more serious view of where life is heading is normal. If she didn’t think her man had what it takes to be a good father, she had a sincere motivation to move on.

Libra and beauty go hand in hand as Venus rules this sign. Kim is beautiful with a natural grace to her being. Her recent diet worked effectively, and now she needs introspection about the inward, subjective areas of life.

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