Is Tim Tebow Being Ridiculed Because of His Religious Beliefs?

by on November 17th, 2010
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Tim Tebow, who is the quarterback for the Denver Broncos, is being ridiculed for getting down on one knee in a prayer-like pose before and during football games. Is Tim Tebow being ridiculed because of his religious beliefs?

A common scene in major sports is a player kissing a cross pendant, pointing to the sky or blessing themselves after scoring a goal; essentially thanking God, Allah or a higher power for the point. Why then, is Denver Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow receiving so much slack? The football player often bends a knee in prayer and points to the sky, and his seemingly simple action has ruffled some feathers. Here is a look at why the attention the talented quarterback is getting for his faith could be considered religious persecution.

A Look at “Tebowing”

Tebow has received more attention for his religious gesture than for his prowess on the football field. The Broncos player is exceedingly talented and has a long list of achievements on the football field. He was a first round NFL draft pick in 2010, winner of a Heisman trophy and a two-time NCAA National Football champion, just to name a few of his accomplishments. Why then does his religion take center stage over his skill on the football field?

A Considerable Lack of Respect

There is a serious issue when a football player is better known for his religious beliefs than his playing ability. In today’s modern age, Americans have the right to practice any religion they please. Those with differing religious beliefs do not have to like or even understand other religions. But to move forward as a society, we should at least respect the beliefs of others.

Talent Overshadowed by his Beliefs

How is “Tebowing” any different from any other player blessing themselves on the field, pointing to the heavens or kissing a cross pendant? The fact is, his actions are no different from any other player. To point and mock a player for having religious beliefs is highly disrespectful and is a form of persecution. Since when is having religious beliefs a bad thing? You don’t have to agree with the quarterback’s religious values, just don’t laugh in his face when he chooses to practice it.

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