How to Use Edmodo for Assessment

by on December 13th, 2014
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Edmodo is a social networking tool for teachers, I have covered it in the past with my previous Edmodo articles. But aside from managing your students and contacting them like you would on a social networking site, they have recently created a quiz feature for assessment.

Edmodo has features such as sending notes, links and assignments to your students; and sending them a quiz is just as simple. By clicking on the “quiz” tab, teachers can create a brand new assessment or load a previous one. You then have the option of which type of question to use for the student assessment:

Short answer Multiple choice Fill in the blank True / False

As you begin to personalize the quiz, each question can have links and you can determine the point value. Once a question is done, you hit “add” and prepare your next question. When you are all done, just hit “assign quiz,” set a time limit, and prepare the assessment.

Instant Feedback

Try to take the test to see how it looks first. As a teacher, you can use Edmodo to evaluate the student assessment and see what the test looks like. What is great for the students is that once they are done, they can instantly view the results and get instant feedback, along with the correct answers.

Using Polls as Assessment

If you are a little short on time and need to utilize a quick assessment tool on your students, you can also utilize the Poll option within Edmodo. You can send a quick poll to your students the same way you would a link or an alert. By clicking on the “Poll” tab at the top of Edmodo, the teacher can come up with a quick question with as many options as you like and send it to your class or several classes. I have used this option myself as a quick assessment tool on my students such as, “how many students need an extra day on this project?” The students can then quickly submit their option and the teacher gets instant feedback from the number of votes back.

Final Thoughts

I have been using Edmodo for a little over two years now, and I love sharing whatever I can about the site. It seems to be getting more and more support and interest as time has gone by, and thankfully there have been updates for educators. This recent update to include quizzes as student assessment has become an excellent and easy to use tool. I hope Edmodo continues to have updates that include more resources for educators that will help out with assessment as this social networking tool for teachers thrives


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