How to Estimate the Cost of a New Roof

by on September 12th, 2010
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Refurbishing a house is a big undertaking, and when it comes to the roof, getting the right kind of roofing material and weatherproofing in place, in addition to suitable insulation; all add up to new roof costs. The roof of a house keeps everything else beneath it safe and dry; a leaking roof will damage the rest of the building, devaluing the house badly. A good roof means that the house will still be valuable and livable. This brief is to help homeowners learn how to estimate the costs of replacing their roofs.

Determining how damaged the existing roof is, helps with the estimate of what a new roof would cost. The cost of stripping off the old roofing material will have to be accounted for in the new roof costs. The estimate starts with calculating how much the cost per square foot of material will be. Shingles in particular are installed by the “square”. That means it is said to be one hundred square feet. In order to arrive at the number of squares needed, the roof should be measured to get the total area, then divide that figure by one hundred; although it is wise to have extra shingles in case of errors when trimming them.

Choosing the material for the roof is the next figure needed for the estimation of the roofing cost. Metal roofs, for example, will have a different cost from wooden roofing. Fancier material will cost more. Inspection of the roof structure beneath the shingles is very important, in order to be sure that roofing felt, shingles and nails are the only materials needed. The Roofing Contractor will have to obtain a license to carry out the job, available from the local council or homeowners association. A fee is charged for this license, and this cost should also be added to the overall new roof costs.

The information above should help get the estimate close to what one would expect to pay for replacing their roof. Having some facts keeps one on their toes when dealing with the Roofing Contractor appointed to carry out the job. New roof costs can also be found on websites of Roofing Contractors in order to guide one on what they can roughly expect the cost to be. For example, a two thousand square foot roof, will cost between two thousand and three thousand dollars, however depending on materials chosen and additional work site needs, a new roof could cost as much as twelve thousand dollars. Additional expenses like gutter repairs, the need for a dumpster for old shingles and of course the removal costs of old shingles all add up to the overall costs.

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