How I Save Money on Cleaning Supplies

by on February 3rd, 2015
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Let me share how I save money on my cleaning supplies. I will also give you a tip on how I clean bathroom floors without using a mop.

Lysol Disinfectant All Purpose Cleaner 4-in-1 Refill

When I run out of Lysol Antibacterial Kitchen Cleaner, rather than purchasing more, I refill the bottle with Lysol Disinfectant All Purpose Cleaner. The two are basically the same product with a different name. Lysol Disinfectant All Purpose Cleaner is dilutable and lasts a long time. When I am low on kitchen cleaner, I just ad 1/4 cup Lysol Disinfectant All Purpose Cleaner to my spray bottle. I fill the rest of the bottle up with water, then I’m ready to spray.


Pine-Sol is another dilutable cleaner that I use. I use Pine-Sol on my wood floor. Pine-Sol is safe on wood floor and makes my floor shine. Wood floor can be hard to clean, yet Pine-Sol has done well on my wood floor. I mix 1/4 cup of Pine-Sol per every gallon of water, then put it in a spray bottle. All that is left to do is spray and mop.

Ajax With Bleach

Ajax is an inexpensive cleaner that works well. I use Ajax with bleach to clean my bathtubs. Ajax with bleach is non scratch, yet has a course texture to help scrub away dirt while disinfecting.

Dollar Tree Cleaning Supplies

Finding cleaning supplies at the Dollar Tree and other dollar stores can be a steal. Many dollar stores have generic cleaning supplies comparable to name brand cleaning supplies. If the ingredients are the same, I say save the money and buy the generic.

Lens Cleaner

My youngest daughter and I wear glasses, and I have found I can make my own lens cleaner. By mixing rubbing alcohol and water, I have simply created my own less expensive version of a lens cleaner.

Green Works Cleaning Wipes

Green Works Cleaning Wipes use 99 percent naturally derived cleaning ingredients. By purchasing Green Works Cleaning Wipes I avoid having to buy several cleaners, as Green Works Wipes clean many things throughout my home. I use Green Works Wipes on bathroom counters, toilets and bathroom floors. Ditch the mop when it comes to bathroom floors. Use Green Works Wipes instead to get in those hard-to-reach areas, while knowing you and your family are stepping on a clean and nontoxic floor.

Club Soda

Who said club soda was just for drinking? I use club soda to clean my carpet. Club soda works like magic on spills when applied right after the spill takes place. Pour club soda on the carpet stain and allow it to set for about 30 seconds. Use a rag to blot the club soda.

Woolite Oxy Deep Floor Cleaner For Tough Stains

I use club soda first, yet sometimes stains have set without me realizing it. With three kids, it is bound to happen. For tough stains I use Woolite Oxy Deep floor cleaner, which magically lifts stains off my carpet. It is fairly inexpensive and does an outstanding job. I always keep a bottle on hand with my club soda.

Vinegar and Water

I mix equal amounts of vinegar and water to clean glass tables and mirrors. Vinegar and water is non toxic and cleans better than name brand window cleaners. Vinegar is less expensive than window cleaners purchased at the store. Vinegar and water makes for streak-free windows and glass tables.

Hydrogen Peroxide

Cleaning with hydrogen peroxide is inexpensive, while providing a cleanser that is anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-mold, and anti-mildew. Hydrogen peroxide has many uses when it comes to cleaning. I have purchased a spray bottle to put hydrogen peroxide in for cleaning purposes. I use hydrogen peroxide to clean my walls and bathtubs.

In addition to being useful for cleaning purposes, hydrogen peroxide offers beauty benefits as well. Using hydrogen peroxide on hair naturally lightens it over time. Hydrogen Peroxide is the main ingredient in Sun In. By spraying hydrogen peroxide in your hair, you will achieve natural highlights. Blondes can expect lighter blonde highlights, while brunettes can expect red highlights. After lightly spraying hydrogen peroxide in your hair, go in the sun to activate it. It may take several days to achieve the desired result.

Happy cleaning!

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