Green Living: Homemade Bird Feeders and Nest Helper

by on August 23rd, 2010
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Watching birds is a past time enjoyed by both the young and old alike. Make simple but effective inexpensive bird feeders and nest helpers with recycled items.

Orange Bag Feeder:

Carefully open the mesh bag from a bag of oranges. Remove the oranges and place them in a safe location. Fill the mesh bag half full of bird seed. Tie the top of the bag closed with a knot. Poke a hole through the bag just below the knot. Thread an 18-inch piece of jute through the hole. Tie the jute together to form a loop. Hang the loop from a nail or tree limb.

Doughnut Feeder:

Punch a hole through the center of two 4-inch metal jar lids. Cut a piece of fishing line or heavy jute 12-inches long. Turn the first lid upside down so the edge is on top. Thread the jute through the hole. Tie a knot on the smooth side of the lid. Slide a doughnut on the jute. Turn the second lid so the smooth side is on top. Thread the jute through the hole allowing the lid to rest on the doughnut. Tie a loop at the end of the jute. Hang the loop from a nail or tree limb.

Bleach Bottle or 2-liter Bottle Feeder:

Rinse and clean a one gallon bleach bottle and or 2-liter bottle with soap and water. Draw four to five 3-inch curved windows approximately 1-inch from the bottom of the bleach bottle or one 3-by-4 inch curved window in a 2-liter bottle. Cut along with lines with a craft knife. Sand the cut edges with sandpaper or tape around each window with duct or electrical tape. Punch a hole in the center of the cap with a large nail. Cut a piece of jute or heavy fishing line approximately 12-inches long. Match the ends and insert them through the hole in the bottle cap. Tie a double knot to secure the ends on the inside of the cap. Hang the bird feeder from the loop made in the bleach bottle cap. Pour bird seed on the inside of the bottle.

Pine Cone Feeder:

A very common bird feeder is a pine cone covered with peanut butter and bird seed. Add additional flavor and texture for the birds by mixing peanut butter, bird seed and oatmeal together. Spread the mixture over the pine cone. Tie a string to the broad side of the pine cone to hang.

Nest Helper:

Help the birds create a nest by supplying them with weaving strings. Make a simple nest helper from a clothes hanger with a cardboard tube across the bottom of the hanger. Place slices in the top of the cardboard tube every one half inch. Cut strands of thread, yarn or string into pieces between 6 to 8-inches long. Locate the center of the strings and place eight to ten in each cut. Place the hanger in a tree. The birds will sit on the hanger and pull threads from the cardboard tube to use for nest building.

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