Glenn Beck Beats Me to the Punch

by on January 1st, 2015
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I really do hate it when the Big Honchos step on my ideas. I guess I should be flattered, but that would only be valid if they knew I’d had the idea first , which, of course, they don’t.

Yet it happens all the time (you’ll just have to trust me on that point ). This time, it was Mr. Beck speculatin’ on who he’d install in his Cabinet were he the president, and he roped pert ‘near all the same stock I had my eye on.

For a while now, I’ve been musing on the qualifications of the current herd of conservative presidential hopefuls and otherwise notable activists. There are literally scores of highly qualified, unprecedentedly able and motivated men and women out there who could , and would, out-govern any liberal – much less Obama – in their sleep.

As conservative voters, we’re confronting a “problem of riches” this presidential election roundup , as opposed to the last one, for sure. How we ever came up with “Maverick” McCain as our candidate last time, I still can’t figure out . Sure, most of us held our nose and voted for the bumbling fool, but what choice did we have?

This time, we’ve got choices – and darn good ones – out the wazoo. And I think we should just go ahead -on and elect all of them … yep, all of them; and here’s how we do that:

We get the candidates to all pledge to include all the other candidates – and the additional notables – in their administration, in key positions, no matter which of them ends up as the Republican nominee (and then, most assuredly, the next President of the United States , in a runaway stampede ).

That way, we’d have the benefit of all these exceptional patriots’ efforts and ideas to lead America back to greatness … a “Presidential Posse , ” as it were. Sure, there’s a lot of big , spirited egos there that President Bachmann would have to corral , but she ‘s a wrangler, right?

( I’m channeling Will Rogers, apparently! Probably stems from the whole “Maverick” McCain thing. Sorry .)

Maybe one of the Honchoes will get wind of this idea of mine and gallop off with it.

Rush? Glenn? Lars ? … uh … Fellas ? … hello ? …

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