Funny Puss in Boots Movie Quotes and Videos

by on March 7th, 2015
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These are funny movie advertisements based upon other popular advertisements.

The Cat Haz Swagger
Watch this video for the movie

Puss in Boots: “Hola amigos. Look at your cat. Now back to me. Now back to your cat. Now back to me. Sadly, your cat is not me. But if he got off the catnip and got himself a cape and some boots, he could act like me. Look down. Back up. Where are you? You are in an adventure. Nine lifetimes in the making with a cat your cat could act like. What is in your paw? Holy frijoles, it is golden eggs! Does your cat have golden eggs? I didn’t think so. I’m on a horse…”

“No Pants” Pants

Watch this video for the movie

Puss in Boots: “You want pants that are comfortable. You want pants that make you look good. That’s why you want… no pants at all.”
Voice Over: “Introducing Puss in Boots ‘no pants’ pants. Built to keep you well ventilated. Built to keep you comfortable because they aren’t there.”
Puss in Boots: “All I need are the boots.”
Voice Over: “Puss in Boots ‘no pants’ pants. Because he’s one bad kitty.”
Puss in Boots: “Meow.”

Most Interesting Cat in the World

Watch this video for the move

Voice Over: “Curiosity tried to kill him once. Then apologized and politely left. When people pet him, they purr. He finds litter boxes beneath him. He’s defeated outlaws with just one look. He takes his milk whole. His hairballs are made from fine Italian lambs wool. He is the most interesting cat in the world.”
Puss in Boots: “Stay furry my friends. Meow.”

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