Fun Printable Halloween Pumpkin Stencils from the Web

by on February 10th, 2011
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There are lots of fun pumpkin stencils online to choose from this Halloween. Here are more than twenty ideas that would be fun to carve:

Cobra: Cool carving pattern of a cobra snake from Spookmaster.

Deer: Free printable template of a silhouette deer head.

Evil Tiki: A Tiki themed design that looks very evil.

Frankenstein: A classic looking profile of Frankenstein.

Gargoyle: A lively and very evil looking gargoyle.

Bloody Apple Logo: Logo for Apple computers with blood dripping down. Download the free PDF file.

Martian Landing: Two Martians sitting in a U.F.O. above a planet. $2.50

Native American: Printable Native American themed stencil.

Pretty Poison: A pretty skull and crossbones. Easy carving difficulty.

Headless Horseman: Carving patterns of headless figures riding horses.

Houseguest: Appears to be a monster spider sitting on top of a house.

Jabber Jaw Skull: A skull with a top hat and tongue sticking slighting out.

Gelatin Skeleton: Skull which looks as if it is melting. Simple carving difficulty.

Claude: Appears to be cat eyes and claw marks.

Cornucopia: A thanksgiving themed cornucopia.

Creepy Teeth: Looks a little like Homer Simpson with oddly big creepy teeth.

Head Cheerleader: Cheerleader’s head that has been decapitated. Moderate difficulty.

AD Angel: Mudflap girl with a halo and angel wings.

Devil Pin-Up: A pin-up girl with a devil tail and horns.

Tribal Skull: A skull with tribal designs.

Vampire: A shadowy video game vampire figure showing off its fangs.

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