Free Dracula Pumpkin Carving Patterns 2011

by on March 7th, 2015
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Dracula is a popular Halloween sight thanks to various movies, books, TV shows, and a general fascination with vampires. If you are searching for Dracula themed pumpkin carving patterns, you can fid a few free ones on various websites.

Free Stencils

Hersheys: Free carving stencil of a vampire that looks like Count Dracula. It can be found in the Fun Stuff section of the Hersheys website. It is labeled as being an advanced carving pattern but that is relative to the Hershey’s site.

Stoneykins: Free unique image of Count Dracula. For this design, cutting and shading are required. It is located in the 6th row of the linked webpage. Once you find it, just click on it to download its zip file.

DLTK: Free and easy pumpkin carving pattern of a vampire. It can be printed out from DLTK-Holidays.

For Purchase

Bram Stoker: A stencil using Bram Stoker’s design. It costs $4.95 to use this Halloween.

Brian Stocker: Easier cut-out design which looks like the Bram Stoker image. $3 purchase required.

Dracula: Cool stencil of a Count Dracula figure. It is a Stoneykins design, and requires shading and cutting.

Classic: Classic cartoon profile of the character.

Love Rose: Funny image of a vampire with a rose in its mouth.

Bela Lugosi: Carving pattern of actor Bela Lugosi from the horror movie.

Van Helsing Bride: Awesome scary image of the Van Helsing Bride showing off her fangs.


Bats: Stencils of the scary vampire bats for Halloween.

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