Finding Time for Exercise: Exercise Tips for Working Moms

by on February 16th, 2015
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Once you become a mom, you start to see that you hardly have time to get the exercise that you need to stay healthy. You have to take the kids here, cook the dinner, help with homework and not to mention keeping your career on track. If you are a working mother, you understand what I mean. You are tired all the time and you have absolutely no time to go to the gym or to even go on a run around the block. So, so how will you get the exercise that you need so you can keep yourself healthy and in shape?

Well the truth is, it’s not that easy but it can be done. You can not only be a working mommy, but you can be a working mommy that has a great figure and here are some tips that will help you get there.

Work out at home.
While the kids are doing their homework or are spending their time watching TV or are out with their friends, that gives you sometime to head down to your basement or into your bedroom to get some exercise. Exercising at home is easy if you have the right tools. There are many workout programs you can buy and just pop into your DVD player to get you into good shape. You can also purchase a treadmill and if you don’t have the money to buy a new one, look for a used one in the newspaper or on craigslist.

Family exercise.
You want your family to be healthy too right? Well, than get them to workout with you. It’s not as hard as you’d think if you make it fun for them. You can add some fun to exercise by playing sports such as basketball and football. You don’t have to make it a serious game, just something fun and light that will get you all up and running around. If your yard is small, go to the park and have a good time running around on the playground.

You can also get your whole family signed up at a gym. This way, you can all go to the gym together.. You don’t have to workout together since there are many things you can do at a gym, everyone can go their separate ways and get the exercise that they wish. You don’t have to do everything together and not everyone will want to exercise the same way.

Ask for help.
If your kids are younger and you want to go to the gym, ask a friend or family member to come babysit while you go. There is nothing wrong with asking for some help right? You need your exercise and it’s important that your kids and work stop you from getting it.

Healthy diet.
If you don’t get to exercise everyday like you’d like to, it’s important that you stick to a healthy diet that is full of all the nutrients you need. Eating junk food isn’t going to help you get anywhere. So, stick to the vegetables and put those cookies away.

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