Feng Shui Elements: Decorating With Fire

by on March 8th, 2015
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Proper overlay of the five elements is essential to Feng Shui decorating and to harmonizing the rooms of your home. It’s important to balance application of the elements according to the Chi of the space and its usage, as well as the needs of the people in it. Key to this application is understanding the symbols of the elements as well as how to characterize and use them to your advantage.


The element fire has Yang properties. It symbolizes ideas such as transformation, expansion, motivation and vitality. Applying fire d├ęcor will add energy, excitement and movement to a room that feels too heavy or dreary. It encourages changes in the lives of the home’s occupants and allows for new ways and ideas.


Sunlight, summer and fire itself are obvious things that reflect the properties of the element fire. The colors are reds and oranges but also include any bright or warm color like purple or blue, which pop out in a room and make it vibrant. Animals are also associated with the fire element, so pets add fire, as do items made from animals . . .leather, feathers, animal prints. Anything that moves anything upward encourages fire in a room, such as an upward facing lamp or a tall plant or tree.


The shapes in a room also affect the Chi. Use tiles, fabric, stained windows or other decorative items to get these shapes and encourage the fire element in a room.

SUNBURSTS – radiate energy in all directions. Use a crystal in a window or a vase of tall flowers to get this effect.

DIAMONDS – move energy up and down simultaneously.

TRIANGLES – move energy upward because of the sharp corners and edges.

PYRAMIDS – similar to triangles, but are a little more grounded.


Encouraging the fire element in a room is good because it brings energy into a home. But Feng Shui is all about the careful balance of all of the elements, Yin Yang, and the Bagua. Too much fire can increase chaos in a room, inviting anger and rash or intense reactions. Fire can be subdued by adding Earth or water qualities. If there is not enough fire in a Yin area, it can feel cool, withdrawn and uninviting. Adding wood qualities will encourage and fuel fire, and will subdue the Earth qualities in the room.


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