Fast Ways to Ease Motion Sickness

by on February 22nd, 2011
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Motion sickness can ruin a road trip, cruise vacation or roller coaster ride fast. So to ease that queasy feeling, here are a few tips that really work.

1. Blowing cold air on your face will ease nausea symptoms.
I’ve had motion sickness since I was a kid and one of the things that always help was blowing cold air on my face. So if you have motion sickness and you’re in the car, turn the A/C on high or roll down the windows. If you’re a boat, go on deck and face into the wind. Heat makes motion sickness worse, so get some cold air blowing on you any way you can.

2. Use ginger to soothe an upset stomach.
If you get a stomachache whenever you experience motion sickness, eat some ginger. Ginger is a very natural and effective way to treat an upset stomach. I usually drink a cup of ginger ale or chew on a piece of ginger candy and I feel better within minutes. Ginger comes in a number of different forms including ginger supplements tea and candles. If you’re going on a vacation, make sure you pack some ginger, that way you wont be empty-handed if you start to not feel well.

3. Apply pressure to cure nausea.
Another trick that reduces nausea when experiencing motion sickness is applying pressure. I press on the inside of my wrist for five seconds and the queasy feeling goes away. You can also apply pressure with a motion sickness band. It’s a device that stimulates nerves to provide relief. Both techniques work the same, so it really depends on your preference.

4. Do the driving during road trips to prevent motion sickness.
If you’re in a car and you want to prevent motion sickness from happening, just take the wheel. I rarely get sick while driving because I’m always focused on driving and the direction the car is moving. Taking frequent stops is another thing that really helps. Whether its stopping at a restaurant for food or taking a walk around and getting some fresh air, just getting out of the car and back on solid ground will stop motion sickness before it starts. Also avoid eating heavy or spicy foods before getting in a car or on a boat. Instead try eating something light and drinking plenty of water. Right before a trip, I usually eat some crackers to satisfy my hunger until I get on solid ground again.

Motion sickness is a horrible feeling that no one should have to experience. So take control and you’ll be feeling better in no time.

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