Fancy Pincushion Gift

by on February 24th, 2015
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If you love crafts, you usually enjoy making things for other people, whether it be for a holiday, birthday, or other occasion. That makes each craft a two-in-one thing. You get to have fun and the recipient gets a new, unique and special gift. That works out great. Looking for another such project? Do you know someone who enjoys sewing? If so, make a fancy pincushion gift and the seamstress you know will cherish it.

Now, we’re not talking about any ordinary pincushion. There are many different types of those you can make, with various shapes and assorted fabrics. This pincushion is for someone who adores sewing, lives to sew, and has seen it all. From coffee cup pincushions, to wrist pincushions, the person you want to make a gift for has seen them. That way, when you give her the new pincushion which you create, you’ll be absolutely positive that she’s never seen one because it will be the only one ever made.

Make any regular pincushion from fabric. Just cut two squares, two circles, or two of any other shape. Use a paint marker to draw an image on one of the fabric pieces. You can use a stencil, a coloring book picture pattern, or draw freehand. Since you’ll be doing that, try to choose fabric which won’t take away from that image, like a solid color.

Sew the fabric pieces together, stuff them to be quite full, and then you can turn the pincushion into the unique gift you really want. Make sure that, no matter what kind of pincushion you make, it’s thick enough that you could push a pin all the way into it, with only the head showing on the pin.

Use pins to outline and even color in the image on the top of the pincushion. You can use ordinary, silver pins with flat heads, or the more colorful pins with a round bead-type head. Just follow the lines and push pins in so that they are butted together, all over the design.

People often have more than one hobby or interest so just think of something you know the recipient likes, and make an image of that theme on the pincushion. Make a dolphin, rainbow, flower, peace sign, or even spell out a name – or a sentiment – like “Love”.

Wait until you see the look on the face of your friend or family member who receives this lovely gift. And they can use this gift while easily creating the design over again, with the pins, because a permanent drawing of the image is on the top. Make an ordinary shape of a pincushion, with a fancy design on top, or even make a shaped pincushion, like a tepee shape with a buffalo pin design. The possibilities are endless.

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