Facebook for Small Businesses

by on July 19th, 2014
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Facebook is one of the most important advertisements a small business can have. Facebook enables local businesses to find new customers and to help spread their name brand. It can help popularize their brand, and familiarize local people with it. Facebook can also help to expand a business, by allowing people from other areas to see it. This allows a new consumer group that could not have been tapped into without Facebook.

One reason why Facebook is valuable is that it makes people feel more connected with you. Being a local or small business, there is a certain familiarity that a customer seeks and this can be portrayed through Facebook. Customers can see the more personal side of a small company, and can feel more connected to it. This will make potential or repeat customers feel more comfortable.

Facebook also helps to spread a small business to more people. Facebook is like the ultimate word of mouth advertising. It allows people to suggest you to their friends, or for their friends to see you just because someone liked your page. When a person “likes” a business on Facebook, this shows up on his or her page. This allows more exposure and brand recognition. Every time someone looks at that page, they will see the small businesses name. This is advertising without the consumer even realizing it!

Another great feature of Facebook is that it’s free. Rather than having to pay a professional hundreds of dollars to design a website, Facebook pages can be easily created by people without much computing skill. The Facebook page of a global brand and a small business are not much different, which takes the pressure away from the small business. The business doesn’t feel that it has to spend money on creating the perfect page, and the money saved can be put back into the company. Therefore, it is very cheap and efficient advertising.

Facebook adds a new dimension to advertising that small businesses have never seen before. It allows them to have a more personal touch, and to connect more to a community. It is an efficient and cost effective way to advertise, and can really help to expand a small company.

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