Evan Bourne Suspended by the WWE

by on March 7th, 2011
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Evan Bourne has been suspended by the WWE for violating the Talent Wellness Policy. This was Bourne’s first offense which will put him out of action for 30 days.

Evan Bourne is currently one half of the WWE Tag Team Champions with Kofi Kingston, this puts the WWE in a bind. Since Bourne will be suspended for 30 days the WWE needs to decided what they plan to do with the Tag Team Championships.

When it comes to the WWE Tag Team Championships the WWE has a couple of options. Option one would allow Kingston to choose a temporary partner until Bourne returns. Option two would allow Kingston and Bourne to remain Champions without defending the Championships. Neither of these ways punish Bourne for violating the Wellness Policy. If the WWE wants Bourne to learn from his mistake they need to take the Tag Team Championships off Bourne and Kingston. The best way for the WWE to do this is have a WWE Tag Team Championship Match between Air Boom (Evan Bourne & Kofi Kingston) and The Awesome Truth (The Miz & R-Truth). Since Bourne has been suspended the WWE needs to write him out of the Match. They could do this by setting up a prerecorded video of The Awesome Truth attacking Bourne before the Match. The attack would injure Bourne, allowing the WWE to write him off television and forcing Kingston to defend the Championships in a Handicap Match. The Handicap Match would give The Awesome Truth the advantage they need to capture the WWE Tag Team Championships.

Only time will tell if the WWE decides to take the Tag Team Championships off Bourne and Kingston. If the WWE choose not to take the Championship of Bourne it lets other Superstars know that violating the Wellness Policy does not come with severe consequences. For that reason Bourne and Kingston should lose the Tag Team Championships within the next week.


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