Emtek Offers Solid Brass Door Hardware in Hundreds of Designs

by on December 13th, 2014
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Emtek door hardware is some of the most popular hardware available on the market today. Since 1981, they have been dedicated to making only the finest hardware and locks for doors and windows. As a company, they strive to ensure that all of their pieces are constructed from top-quality metals and can easily be integrated into any style of decor. Their door locks, deadbolts, and other front door hardware are some of the finest available and are sure to keep your home design chic, fashionable, and interesting.

Styles of products range from traditional to contemporary and include styles from all over the world. All products are available in a range of finishes including solid brass, stainless steel, sand cast bronze, lost wax cast bronze, wrought steel, crystal, and porcelain. These finishes are guaranteed to compliment nearly any decorating style and will provide an interesting yet elegant touch. Because complimentary bath, cabinet, and window fixtures are available, Emtek is your one-stop shop for all of your needs.

Any home decor can be complimented with Emtek’s products. From art nouveau to rustic and from crystal and porcelain to arts and crafts, you are certain to find the right hardware for your home. Pieces can be mixed and matched in order to further customize the look you want. For instance, matching crystal pieces with rustic pieces can provide a “shabby chic” look that will live on for centuries.

Emtek door hardware and other accessories come in 17 different finishes. This allows the freedom to further customize the look and feel of your home. While most finishes come with a lifetime guarantee, there are some patinas that are designed to weather with age in order to provide a more rustic feel. For this reason, warranties are generally limited on this type of finish.

Emtek uses only the highest quality materials when producing front door hardware. There are pieces of just about every size, shape, and finish available. Whether you want matching front door and window hardware or you want to mix and match your hardware, Emtek door hardware is a fantastic choice for your door locks and deadbolts.


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