Employers Reap the Benefits when Hiring Retirees and Senior Citizens

by on January 24th, 2011
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Years ago when I was a naïve youngster, I thought someone 30 years of age was old. Not surprisingly my attitude has changed since I have well exceeded that milestone. With longer life spans, seniors are getting out and living it up. I know of several friends who travel. Other senior friends have returned to the academic halls of learning. Many are returning to work for various reasons.

Many may return to work, not necessarily for the financial aspect but rather they are enticed by another challenge to conquer. I’ve got news for you-Granny ain’t sitting in her rocking chair. If you think about it, seniors and retirees have a lot to offer the working world. Here are some advantages in hiring them.

Work Ethic

Retirees and seniors add an extra dimension to the working environment. They demonstrate how to be a good worker especially to young people who may need someone to mentor them.


Older workers exhibit a level of maturity that comes as the result of going through the “school of hard knocks”. They’ve learned from experiences in their lives.


Seasoned workers tend to be very dependable because they were that way when they worked on a regular basis before retiring. Many know of the hardship of having parents that went through the Depression era. Because of that they appreciate what they have.


Seniors know the importance of being on time. They don’t usually drag in late to work because they are very conscientious workers and take pride in their work.

Willing to Share

Seniors have learned the importance of being a team player. They aren’t stingy with their knowledge and are willing to share it.

Gives them a sense of usefulness and purpose

Retirees are eager to learn new things. Because of that they can add a positive vibe in the working environment. When they are respected and taken into consideration they will be productive workers. It has a contagious effect. Working gives them a reason to get up every morning while continuing to find purpose and meaning in their lives. They feel more appreciated.


If you are fortunate to have a retiree as your employee you should count yourself blessed. They bring a lot to the table because of their wisdom and longevity. More and more companies hire them because they know of the advantage in hiring them. Your company will be the better for it. And you can take that all the way to the bank.


Personal observation and experience

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