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by on March 7th, 2015
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“Morning, sit anywhere you want hon…” I must confess, I love a good diner. The dining experience comes in so many forms; the gleaming white tablecloth room, the ramshackle old local joint, the hot-dog stand, and the American classic, The Diner. A good diner is a warm blanket. The seafoam green vinyl seats, the white Formica tabletops, the server/hostess/front of house maven who knows every customer’s name, their kid’s names, and their birthdays….Diners were made before words like “sustainable” and expressions like “farm-to-table” became part of our vernacular.

The Golden Hill Café is one such place that wraps the senses in warm blankets of hot comfort food and friendly, efficient service. It is located at 2505 C Street, (619) 239-7464, they take credit cards. The Golden Hill Café opens at 7 AM. There is a small parking lot adjacent to the business and street parking in the neighborhood.

My husband Dave and I ate at the Golden Hill Café twice. On our first visit I had the French Toast Combo and Dave had the Farmer’s Mix. I can tell you, their breakfasts are hearty and filling. The French toast was made with large slices of egg bread cut thick enough to hold shape and texture when cooked, and served with two eggs and two pieces of bacon. Basic and delicious, this breakfast left me satisfied and very full. Jacob D’s Farmer’s Mix was crazy plate of outrageousness. The “mix” part consisted of scrambled eggs, bacon, sausage, and green bell peppers, cooked together and served with a biscuit and gravy. Pure evil. The slight splurge total for this heap of food was just under $20.00.

On our second visit, Dave opted for a polite bowl of oatmeal, and I dove into their Pancake Combination. The oatmeal was a good familiar style served with all the trimmings. My Pancake combo consisted of two huge pancakes served with two pieces of sausage and two scrambled eggs. Their pancakes were fluffy and and the link sausage was wonderfully greasy and delightfully unhealthy. Our total for breakfast on this morning was just under $12.00, making these excellent choices for strict budgets.

The Golden Hill Café is great choice for warm comfort food on a cold morning before a long day at work, or a cozy Saturday family meal.

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