by on January 29th, 2011
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Dallas goes to Philadelphia this evening for an NFL East match-up . Both teams need a win. Philly coming off a bye week and in last place in the east. The Cowboys coming off a big win over the Rams where they may have found the running back they have been looking for. DeMarco Murray needs to follow up last weeks record setting game with a solid performance against a better defense than the Rams could put on the field. Dallas will need to establish a running game to give Tony Romo some time to pass, or the Romo Coaster may jump the track this week.

The Dallas defense needs to keep Mike Vick in the pocket, and hit him every time they get a chance. Vick has already let the world know with his comments, he does not like getting hit, and it bothers him. Rob Ryan needs to have someone hit him, even if it is late, and Dallas has to take a penalty.

Dallas should win this game, they are the better team. Philly is living off reputation and they have been getting exposed all year. Vick’s days have past, he NFL has gotten bigger and faster in the last few years. Vick is to short to see over the line, and sooner or later he will have to take off running. DeMarcus Ware needs to have a big game, run Vick down and hit him as hard as he can.

There is nothing better if your a Dallas fan than watching the Boys beat the Eagles. When the Philly fans cheered as Micheal Irvin was laying injured on the field, I lost all respect for them as a group. That was one of the most classless things I have ever witnessed in sports. Dallas wins 27 to 17, and Vick gets neutered. You did not really think I would go without mentioning something about Vicks treatment of animals, did you? Yea, he is a class act.

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