Chronic Halitosis – How to Stop Bad Breath

by on August 21st, 2010
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You are vigilant about brushing and flossing your teeth and have tried every odor destroying mouthwash on the market yet your breath still stinks. Chronic halitosis is more than just ordinary bad breath caused from eating foods like onions or garlic and here’s how to stop it for good.

Remove Plaque and Bacteria

Your toothbrush, toothpaste or even brushing technique may not be removing all the odor causing plaque and bacteria. For a check-up on your brushing habits, chew a plaque disclosing tablet to reveal where plaque is lurking after brushing. Ask your dental hygienist for a plaque disclosing tablet or purchase a box at any pharmacy so you can discover how thorough your brushing skills are.

Your tongue is prime real estate for odor causing bacteria and you want to brush it or use a tongue scraper on it daily. Floss between teeth gently but thoroughly, then remove all loosened debris and kill germs with a swishing of mouthwash. Look for mouthwash which has the American Dental Association seal on it to ensure the product is effective.

What Goes in is Coming Out

If you put foul smelling foods into your mouth that’s the smell that will come out. Avoid eating odor causing foods like ramps, garlic and onions. Not only do their aromas take up residence in the mouth for awhile, your lungs absorb their odors and expel them each time you exhale. Smoking is another source of chronic halitosis.

Herbs Help Squelch Bad Breath

That little sprig of parsley is served on your plate for more than just d├ęcor, parsley helps squelch bad breath after eating. Parsley and thyme contain oils which are antimicrobial and kill germs before they cause bad breath. Sprinkle some chopped parsley or thyme on your food or chew a small sprig of parsley for a few minutes after a meal.

Chewing a piece of sugar-free gum also helps eliminate after-meal bad breath. The chewing action helps the mouth produce more saliva and wash away odor causing food particles.

Time to See a Doctor

If you have tried everything under the sun to stop the chronic halitosis without success, it’s time to see a doctor. Chronic bad breath an be a symptom of an underlying health issue such as gum disease, acid reflux or post nasal drip.

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