Child’s Play Movie Pumpkin Carving Patterns

by on February 14th, 2011
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Child’s Play is a horror movie about a kid who gets a doll named Chucky that happens to be both alive and possessed with the evil soul of a killer. There have been a number of sequels since the original in 1988. If you are a fan of the cult film, you can find a few pumpkin carving patterns online that can be used to decorate your Halloween pumpkin.

Chucky: This looks like the sewn up character from the Child’s Play horror sequel Seed of Chucky, and it is a realistic carving pattern of the movie doll’s evil face. It can be downloaded from stoneykins for one credit. It is a shading style pattern so it might be a little difficult to use if you are used to simple cut-out designs.

Break Out: If carved correctly, this stencil can give the appearance of the Seed of Chucky doll trying to break out as if it was actually on the inside of your pumpkin. It is another shading pattern from stoneykins and also costs one credit to use.

Chucky: This looks like the image of the creepy character from the Child’s Play 3 horror movie. It is probably the easiest one to carve as well. You can print it out after paying a $2 membership fee. Although, there are several other membership options as well if you want to print out more than just a couple of patterns.

Seed of Chucky: This is an advanced printable pattern of the sewn up doll. Membership is required to be able to print it.

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