Can Miami Do it Without Wade?

by on November 17th, 2010
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Miami is on a roll! And even though Dwayne Wade has missed a few games, they keep on winning. Makes you wonder, do they need Dwayne Wade to win? After the first 10 games of the season the Heat were 8-2. Wade missed 3 games, which the Heat won. Meaning through 10 games, without wade 3-0, with Wade 5-2. Not bad with Wade obviously, but pretty darn impressive without.

They lost to division rival Atlanta with Wade, but a few nights later won without Wade. They also lost to Golden State without Steph Curry in a game which Wade scores a team leading 34 points.

This all may mean nothing, or it may be a further sign that the experiment is still not working. Lebron and Wade still have problems together in the half court; their skill sets are just too similar. And for some reason, Bosh is still a third wheel.

What they should consider doing now is blowing the whole thing up and trading Wade across the state to Orlando for Dwight Howard. That way, Bosh is not needed to bang in the middle and he can settle more for that jumpshot. Howard will not compete for the ball the same way Lebron and Wade do. Howard’s skill set is totally different than anyone else on the team, which means he will compliment the players around him.

Orlando will have a superstar in Wade. Wade will play great out there because he would have a chip on his shoulder about being traded. And Orlando will not have to worry about losing Wade for a few years, which would give them time to build a contender around him. Everyone wins!

What do you think?

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