‘Breaking Bad’ Makes Case for Sterling 2012 Emmy Run

by on February 28th, 2015
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COMMENTARY | The Emmy awards turned out to be a mixed bag of musical bits, long taped sketches, “Modern Family” victories and the occasional surprise. Yet television fans mostly had no choice but to sit through it and cheer or boo the winners, since the ceremony were the biggest show of the night. However, the only major show that bothered to air a new episode besides the Emmys was “Breaking Bad” – and it wasn’t like that show’s fans had a reason to watch the awards this year.

Because “Breaking Bad” aired its season too late for Emmy eligibility, it was not up for any awards on the big night. It made for a somewhat odd competition since everyone is used to seeing Bryan Cranston win year after year and Aaron Paul just got into the habit of winning Best Supporting Actor. Yet few viewers doubt the series and its actors will be back in next year’s show — especially after its latest episode had more twists, turns and blood than anything on the Emmy stage.

With Cranston out, the Best Actor competitors had their greatest chance in years to finally win an award, although Kyle Chandler kept Jon Hamm, Hugh Laurie and Michael C. Hall winless. What’s more, they now have an even worse chance to break through next year, after Cranston had another Emmy-ready display air Sunday night as Walter White broke down in front of his son.

Peter Dinklage succeeded Paul as the Best Supporting Actor winner for “Game of Thrones,” yet when Paul returns he will have a tough time repeating. But Sunday night, Paul’s fellow supporting actor Giancarlo Esposito continued to add to his own potential Emmy reel this season, with Gus Fring carrying out his biggest scheme to date.

While the actors may go back to winning Emmys next year, the series itself keeps making a case to break through. Fellow AMC giant “Mad Men” won Best Drama for the fourth straight time, yet it didn’t win a single award during the telecast until the finale. Its time as the king of TV drama will have to end eventually, and since “Breaking Bad” will be off the air soon, the Academy is running out of time to give the show its own honors.

Those who watched the entire Emmy show may have been bored or annoyed for much of it due to either the results, the antics on stage or both. But since the ceremony actually ended on time, they could then switch right to AMC at 11 p.m. ET to see how “Breaking Bad” laid down the gauntlet for its awards comeback in 2012.

Yet despite the emotional confrontations and big showdowns of the episode, there’s still a lot more to go. There are three episodes left to air this season, with the bar getting higher for a huge finale every week. Since no awards are airing against the show in the next three weeks, fans can tune in on time at 10 p.m. for the next few Sundays to see how the Emmy-contending Season 4 ends.


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