Ancient Aliens of the Americas, a Review by Edgardo

by on March 7th, 2015
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If there were ever any doubt before, there can be no more now. A UFO investigative group made an official request for information from the executive branch of the United States government and, by golly; they received an official reply from said government. The official response was that there had never been any alien contact of any sort. That the government itself had been searching for alien contact through the “SETI” (Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence) program, but had never received any response or contact in any manner whatsoever.

This statement removed all doubts for me. If they had no contact and no sightings, I’m sure the government would leave the possibility of alien contact wide open to keep us, the public, on edge. Also leaked documents and officially released intelligence from many countries around the world tell a different story all together. In the book “Ancient Aliens of the Americas”, by Logan Hawkes, Native-Americans for hundreds, even thousands of years, tell a different story.

Folklore, religion, mythology and poetry were all pieces of the traditions of the Native Peoples of the Americas. Yet fact can be sifted from the earth of folklore and Logan Hawkes takes us deeply into the pre-Columbian lives of the earliest Americans. The connections are incredible, but both legend and archeology combine to uncover the ancient history of Native-Americans and their intimate connection to the stars and to the “star people”.

In addition to American Indian accounts, frontier journals and newspapers as well, told a tale of alien visitation and unidentified craft. One thing we may all be fairly sure of; these sightings were not from the military- industrial complex of the day. Mechanical flight had not yet been invented. But the reports of UFO’s and other objects were legion. Mr. Hawkes details and backs up his research very carefully and completely.

The Olmec people appeared in Mexico about 3,000 years ago. They were the fore-runners to the Mesoamerican cultures that came after them. Where they came from is unknown, but they left many statues behind; most had a distinctly African cast to their countenances. Or could they have come from elsewhere?

They were followed by the Mayan Civilization and the Aztec. The Mayans developed rapidly a knowledge of architecture and mathematics that was unparalleled at the time even amongst the Ancient Egyptians.

There were pale skin bearded prophets and teachers that would become gods. Massive drawings in the desert that showed both the mundane and the mysterious, but that could only be seen from the air. And stories of the star people and much more. Crystal skulls and mysterious beings.

It’s a wild ride. Fact and legend and mystery and scholarship.

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