Anabolics and Libido

by on November 10th, 2014
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An athlete who takes steroids or androgens actually experience a marked increase in libido as the type of dopaminic receptor-2 are directly stimulated by androgens, and these receptors with exogenous intake will work well above the threshold it follows that the maximum physiological libido has shot up the mind sees only shapes round and wet holes and the desire to ejaculate becomes obsessive, are continuous and very hard erections!

Several married couples or girlfriends have been ruined by things like that. Actually, even the porn actors were used before the advent of various androgens viagra, viagra. The problem ‘that the receptors are reset upward, but in fact the text has fallen to its lowest endogenous levels due to exogenous intake (to a hormonal feedback system). And then when you cease taking the drug remained endogenous little text will not be able to stimulate the receptors dopaminic the same level of drugs, would be like trying to fill a swimming pool with a glass of water. The result? Zero libido, a sort of chemical castration

Obviously someone to avoid this problem continues to commit itself permanently to androgens but eventually the result will be the same because it will go down regulation receptors for self-protection (as happens with cocaine). Then the athletes involved with other drugs to compensate for the problem but for now let’s stop here.

The conclusion is that with the use and abuse of drugs can be a sort of temporary chemical castration, even if this assertion about the small penis has no scientific basis but I suppose that if a woman is found naked in front of a body builder Well libido cleared the show would be a small penis and soggy between two huge legs! Of course when I speak with her friends say that body builders have small penis. Too much physical or psychological stress dramatically reduces the endogenous testosterone compared with a rise in cortisol a hormone that has effects opposite to that of testosterone.

Also, the production of neurotransmitters would suffer a collapse (dopamine, norepinephrine, epinephrine). The result.? Zero libido! The phenomenon ‘, however, very subjective and tends to affect adults more than young and elderly men. That is why the various factors (training, diet, supplements, recovery) should always be monitored and optimized.

The article contains information That comes from my experience and my tests.

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