America is Losing Itself

by on December 27th, 2014
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In the next few days America and the world will be remembering the heroes of 9-11, with an occasion at the Twin Tower memorial, but Christian pastors have not been invited… Or maybe more precisely are being officially excluded?

In response to this the Family Research Council has petitioned Mayor Bloomberg, for a change of this policy. It is disheartening to think that, in God’s own country, petitions such has this have to be made for God’s own servants to attend a national event. But more importantly, this highlights the growing attitude in America that dictates that being a Christian or being affiliated to God is not cool in America.

Today American politicians seem to be obliged to deny their religious beliefs and principles to gain the popular vote. In contrast, it has become the norm for politicians to show great levels of restraint in their beliefs, while showing greater levels of tolerance for things that are directly opposed to their beliefs. It is called liberalism and even the most die-hard conservatives are forever hounded to embrace its dictates. If they don’t, they are black-painted by the mainstream media as backward members of the society and enemies of what America truly stands for.

For years Sarah Palin has been hounded and painted to look like an extremist ‘Looney’ because she isn’t afraid to uphold her Christian beliefs in public and dares to run on them. Now it’s Bachmann’s turn. Barely a few weeks ago, Bachmann was lashed for stressing her belief that as a wife she should be submissive to her husband and was forced to explain, ‘shed light’ and ‘properly guide’ the public on the exact meaning of her statements. It is a shame that in America people have to explain and sugar coat their Christianity.

On the other hand, people are being encouraged to embrace un-Godliness. If you don’t you are labeled a bigot and the media continues to wage propaganda to entrench this line of thought. Because of this, everyone is afraid to stand by what he or she truly feels. I wonder; isn’t such propaganda in itself isn’t bigotry?

Because of the fear of being labeled, politicians are forever falling over each other to show their acceptance and tolerance for un-Godly acts of homosexual (ism), lesbian (ism) and abortion. American politicians jump at every opportunity to show off their ‘State minus God’ credentials as they give support to (or keep quite in the face of) the ambush of the American culture of entrenching Christian and traditional family values in American children.

In schools around America symbols of God are being yanked off the walls, lyrics of God’s praise are being pried from hymns while children are being thought that it’s okay to be gay. The voice that teaches that premarital sex is a sin has become gradually silent as that which teaches that abortion can be safe is forever growing wilder.

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