A Senate and Same-sex Marriage Bill

by on February 25th, 2011
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The Nigeria senate is currently considering the bill seeking to prohibit same-sex marriage in the country. The last time I watched the debate, all the senators that spoke strongly condemned the practice and supported the immediate and total prohibition. They said it is anti-humanity, anti-marriage, anti-family, anti-society and anti-God. In fact, one of them went further to propose that even its mention should also be made a taboo. Most of them cited traditional, cultural, societal, health and religious reasons for taking their stands. Now, as I was thinking of writing this piece, I also received an e-mail urging me to support a petition asking the Nigeria senate to throw away the proposed bill. Here, we want to briefly look at these issues and more; like the origin, social and health implications, and also the occult dimension of the practice.

Same-sex marriage is the conjugal union of persons of the same biological sex (a man and a man or a woman and another woman). It is also called gay marriage. This deviant behaviour is not new. It has a very long history. In the biblical Old Testament, we saw this practice in Sodom and Gomorra. This is where the word sodomy is derived and it includes bestiality. We will later comment on these if space permits. Then, we saw this also occurring early in the Roman Empire (though against the Roman laws) when Emperor Nero engaged in a marriage ceremony with one of his male slaves. Emperor Elagabalus also married a carrian slave named Heirocles. In April 16, 1061, two men Pedro Díaz and Muño Vandilaz in the Galician municipality of Rairiz de Veiga in Spain, were married by a priest at a small chapel. And Same-sex marriage has been going on since then, mostly in the secret and against the culture and laws of various lands.

In 2001, Netherlands notoriously became the first country in the world to grant same-sex marriages (and remember they have this long history of struggle with lasciviousness. As far back as 1730 – 33, they experienced sodomy frenzy that resulted in the execution of about 276 men). After Netherlands, Belgium, Canada, Spain, South Africa, Norway, Sweden, Portugal, Argentina, Iceland, Nepal, Mexico and some states in the United States of America have also legalized gay marriages. I think New York is the latest on the list. Massachusetts being the first through a state Supreme Court pronouncement in Nov, 2003. It is really a burning issue in the US; where the proponents (some very influential public and political figures) have publicly confessed to be gays, and are doing everything possible to make the American constitution and the people accept it. The armed forces, especially the US Navy has been struggling to start granting same-sex marriages. In fact, it took the intervention of some federal congressmen last May to stop the force on the permission already granted to the naval chaplains to conduct gay marriages. The support for this practice has grown so rapidly in the US that an attempt to prohibit states from recognizing such unions was defeated in both houses of congress in 2006. Moreover, it has been very uncertain where President Obama stands in this whole debate. And this is a country that has God in its constitution; the presidents take oat of office with the bible and have ‘In God We Trust’ as the national motto. Thank God for the churches, the anti-gay groups and other descent Americans who have over these years stood against this abomination.

Do you now see why Nigerians are practically celebrating the Nigeria senate for courageously, unanimously and vehemently speaking against this ungodly practice? The bill is already having a very good ride and will soon become a law in the country. I’m so proud of our senators. But let’s move further. Why do people involve in same-sex marriages, homosexuality, lesbianism, etc? It is all for inordinate lust planted and fueled by that same arch-enemy of man called Satan the devil. The whole activity is to desecrate the marriage and family, debase man and expose him to divine anger, and to destroy the original plan of God for mankind. God’s plan is for a man to marry a woman, bear children, take good care of them (physically, emotionally and spiritually), and keep multiplying to fill and take over the earth. Simple! But the enemy wants to obstruct and if possible reverse this plan.

Man and woman are physiologically, psychologically and spiritually made to attract and depend on each other. So when a man or woman begins to direct those same feelings to the same biological sex, then it becomes strange. In fact, the word of God said that it becomes unnatural. That is abnormal, perverted, and deviant; the natural process is being altered. Some people have been introduced to this kind of desire by association, by the things they watch or listen to. Others, through demonic suggestions and manipulations. There are also people who became homosexual because the were once abused that way. . After the abuse they suddenly find out that they have suddenly developed the same deviant desires. All forms of sexual pervasion are fueled by demonic spirits and that is why it is always very difficult to break off or control once the ‘gate’ has been opened to them. We must be careful with what we watch, hear and the associations we keep. The authorities should also help censor the information that gets to the citizens, especially the younger generations. You may be shocked know that this unholy practice has already deeply permeated our schools. We have found students even our secondary schools involve in this.

The Occult Dimension

Yes, the lust for position, power and wealth has lured men and women into abominable practices. And same-sex (gay) relationships; homosexualism, lesbianism, and bestialism, etc, are sometimes the means to maintain their demonic membership and covenants in some of these clandestine associations. Some even sleep with demonic entities. Or why do you think these practices are very common amongst Satanists, cultists, members of secret societies, pseudo-religious groups and other agents of the dark kingdom? Sexual perversion, rituals and deception are the cardinal pillars the kingdom of Satan. Surprisingly, He and other high ranking spirits on his side personally and dutifully indulge in all these. Yes, you can confirm this from any former Satanist. Remember the newspaper report of that wealthy custom officer who was sleeping with little boys in his street. His victims die mysteriously after such experience. His wicked activities were eventually exposed when one of his victims (a little boy) was about to die, complaining that a snake-like creature was moving in his stomach. It was at his hospital bed that he confided to a nurse that the custom man on their street has been having anal sex with him. The man will lure them into his room, touch them with a charm that will immediately render them unconscious, while will have his fill. God! That’s the height of man’s wickedness!

Apparently, that was a high demonic occult operation. And it is just a window to the various unthinkable abominations that go on in the occult world. You find this in every sphere of our society – military, police, politics, business, academia, entertainment world, and shockingly, even in the ‘religious’ circles. It is all about bowing to Satan to acquire power, fame, wealth, position and also satisfy demonic-induced lust of the flesh. We strongly condemn these deviant behaviors. And any sane person must do same. Like we have said earlier, they are sins against the family, against humanity and against God. The word of God called them unrighteousness, unnatural lust, wickedness, sin of Sodom, etc. And He promised to unfailingly, adequately punish the nations and individuals that get involved. He also said that if He did not spare Sodom and Gomorra but wiped them away, how then do we think that He will spare others that will indulge in the debasing activities? We will not have enough space here to discuss the devastating health and psychological effects of these sodomical behaviors. They are simply enormous. We again commend the Nigeria senate for their stand on this particular issue. We also use this opportunity to urge them to apply the same zeal in tackling the other economical, political, security and infrastructural challenges of the country. They have indeed succeeded where the so-called civilized, developed and powerful have failed. Bravo!

Pastor Agbo is of the Assemblies of God Nigeria.

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