A Face as Smooth as a Baby’s Bottom!

by on June 23rd, 2014
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It was a very cold March afternoon as I made my way through Washington, D.C. traffic to Tyson’s Corner in Fairfax County, VA, also known as the best mall I have ever been to and my shopping salvation! I roamed into Bloomingdale’s looking to maybe pick up a new pair of Tory Burch flats or maybe a Chanel lipstick when I passed by the Bobbi Brown counter. A light bulb went off in my head as and I remembered my current need for a new face moisturizer. I walked over and asked the beautiful and very pregnant woman at the counter for her recommendation on what I should use for my combination skin especially with the harsh, cold weather we were having. She picked up a jar that was on display and rubbed this cream on my hand that felt like pure silk as it hit my skin. She then told me to touch that part of my hand after she finished rubbing it into my skin and it felt as smootth as a baby’s bottom! It was then that I knew I had to have this miracle cream she was using. She said with so much enthusiasm as I asked her what it was, “Its the new Hydrating Gel Cream.” Because of the price I normally would not have bought it but it was so amazing that I HAD TO HAVE IT! Since that day it has been a part of my skin care routine and now I want to share with you why it is worth EVERY penny!

The cream claims to be a “refreshing and lightweight water-based emulsion that provides a burst of moisture, leaving the skin refreshed, healthy and rejuvenated and perfectly prepared for a seamless makeup application. It contains a Tropical Grass Extract that hydrates the skin instantly and increases the skin’s natural ability to hold on to moisture. And the Vitamin E that is in this products provides anti-oxidant protection against environmental damage.”

Sounds too good to be true right? Same thing I thought. A moisturizer that is going to do all of that and doubles as a makeup primer?

But this product does EVERYTHING it claims to do. It is suggested that you massage onto clean skin and incorporate it into your morning and evening skin care routine. This product is recommended for dry and combination skin and from my personal experience, it moisturizes my face but doesn’t make it oily. It is also amazing because it doubles as a primer so you aren’t forced to put on a moisturizer AND a makeup primer, eliminating the amount of products you put on your face which in turn prevents acne and clogged pores. It goes on smoothly and leaves your face feeling clean and hydrated all day!

This product was awarded Best New Skin-Care Product by RealBeauty.com in 2010 and I believe it deserves all that it is awarded for!! If you have the opportunity to try this product, I HIGHLY recommend it!!!

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