A Brief Poem on Easter

by on March 7th, 2015
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I beleive that poems, however short, long, complicated or simple, should be enjoyed by everyone. Anyone can write a poem and they should as often as possible.

Easter is a time of year where we begin to get excited for the rest of the year. Animals born, flowers growing and the chills of winter finally allowing us to remove 5 of the 6 layers of clothes we have on.

I have written this poem to show what i remember and beleive Easter is about. through personal experience, its always an exciting busy part of my year.

The holiday of Easter
brings the excitement of springtime
Flowers start to grow
and longer days!!! How sublime.

We share with others our chocolate eggs
and bake our hot cross buns.
We teach the story of Jesus’ rise
to all our young daughters and sons

Meals with the family, surrounded by love
as the lambs are born to play.
The feelings of excitement and hope
that we never want to go away.

So we celebrate the resurrection
and end our prayers “Amen”.
At Easter time we start
to begin life all over again.

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