5 Best Free Anti-Theft Apps for Android Users

by on December 18th, 2014
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What are the 5 best anti theft apps for android users? Whether an android user is concerned with theft or with simply misplacing an android smartphone, a good anti-theft or locator app for android is a must. With thousands of apps available in the android marketplace, which anti-theft app should an android user choose? There are five great anti-theft apps that not only work as promised-but, are available free of charge.

Where’s My Droid? This phone locator app for android phones allows users to send an email text of an attention word to the phone prompting it to either ring, even if the ringer is silenced, or to provide the cell phone’s GPS coordinates. While users occasionally report issues with GPS location sensitivity-the ability to make a lost, silenced phone ring loudly in the home is a great free app. Do be careful of the attention word chosen for this locator app, as well as others-if it’s a common word or phrase used in text messages to your phone-the phone will go into loud, ringing action as if it were lost.

Lookout Security and Antivirus. The Lookout Security and Antivirus app for android serves multiple duties as an anti-theft application, a lost android phone locator, and as a malware protector. The software developers have been quick to respond to malware and viral threats and offer phone ringing and GPS locator capabilities. Some users complain of memory usage issues while others note little change in phone operation depending on capacity.

Kor.im Phone Locator. Kor.im provides the ability to remotely turn activate a lost android smartphone causing it either ring or enable tracking via gps or network location details. If the phone is stolen, the app also allows users to silently track the phones gps coordinates online. Kor.im also allows users to share location information with family and friends through social networks or email. The uninstall process is a bit more detailed for the Kor.im app as an anti-theft precaution, so read the instructions thoroughly.

Prey Phone Tracker. The Prey Phone Tracker application for android allows users to pinpoint a lost or stolen phone’s location via the phone’s GPS or through GSM triangulation. Prey users are required to set up a Prey account to allow for tracking personalization and report setup-but, one account controls access to other devices protected by Prey apps as well, such as desktop computers or portable devices.

MobiUcare. The android phone locator MobiUcare app is similar in operation to the other locator and anti-theft applications in that users are able to send an attention word via text to the lost or stolen phone and trigger it to either emit a loud ring or siren-or provide gps location. Uninstalling the app is not a simple task-but, application instructions are clear and easy to follow. After all, should the app be easily disabled by a phone thief? Of course not. The app also offers a simple remote “wipe out” function protecting the user’s personal information by erasing the phone’s memory if the phone is not retrievable.

Remember that even similar android applications vary widely in performance, memory usage, battery drain, and user friendliness. The five applications listed here are free, functional and easy to both install and uninstall, with the instructions, and offer user friendly program interfaces.

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