What to Wear: How to Put Together a Great Outfit

by on December 20th, 2010
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1. What to wear with a White Tee: A white tee shirt is a basic article of clothing, but it can be reinvented by pairing it with a jean jacket and leggings. This looks casual but can even look a little dressed up if you wear a pair of heels with it (which is my favorite!). A faded jean jacket and flats/sneakers looks more dressed down than dark denim, so it all depends upon how flashy you want to look. A pair of flashy heels looks great with dark denim. I personally wore a dark denim jacket with gold heels and it was gorgeous.

2. What to wear with Faded Blue Jeans : We all have a pair of these, don’t we? Since they are already faded, they automatically look casual, but we can dress them up a little by wearing black boots with it. Khaki sweaters or boots also look good with faded jeans. If your faded jeans are ripped, try wearing patent leather heels with it. It gives you the “rocker” look.

3. What to wear with a Tank Top: A tank top is versatile. Wear it with a pair of jeans and it can be causal, but wear it with a pair of black shorts , and it is instantly sexy. Black pumps also look great with the tank top and shorts. Then top it off with a clutch purse instead of a handbag.

4. What to wear with Knitted Tops: I’m obsessed with knitted tops. I have so many of them. The problem is so many of them get stretched out quickly if you don’t take good care of them. There are two things that I want to start wearing with my knitted tops: colored pants and brown leather boots . I’ve seen pictures of this trend in my favorite magazines, and it’s absolutely beautiful.

Those are just a few ideas on what to wear with our most basic clothing. If you have anymore ideas that you want to share, then leave your comments!

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