Two Great Easter Recipes

by on May 13th, 2013
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These deviled eggs recipes should not take more than a combined 25 minutes. They are fun and easy to make, not to mention, they are great recipes to get your kids started in the kitchen. Letting them help out will make them feel a part of the meal, and will teach them the labor and love that is cooking. It should also help them appreciate the hard work you do in the kitchen more!

Eggs are an essential part of Easter and your family is gonna work up a hefty appetite Easter egg hunting. This eggs will help fill them up, and will keep them healthier too. Eggs have lots of great protein, and once you master the simple technique of deviled eggs, you’ll be able to add in more creative mix ins and topping’s to make them even more special!

Your going to want to hard boil at least one egg per person. Though two per person would be better. That way everyone will get four deviled eggs. Once the eggs have been in boiling water for ten minutes, put them in an ice bath. Then have the kids help you peel off the shell.

Once the shells are off, slice them in half and scoop the yolk into a bowl. Add 6 fl oz. of mayonnaise, 1/2 oz. mustard, and salt and pepper to taste. Mash to combine.

Scoop the yellow mixture into a plastic bag and snip off a corner. Pipe the yolk mix into the holes on each egg, and then sprinkle with a bit of paprika. And enjoy!

If you want an even more festive deviled egg. blanch and puree 1 3/4 oz of a green (spinach, sorrel, watercress, lettuce) and add to the yolk mixture. These green deviled eggs will be great for St. Patrick’s day too!

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