Tips for Keeping Kids Entertained While Flying

by on March 9th, 2015
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Keeping kids entertained on an airplane can be a daunting task but with a little preparation and planning it can be done, and a big plus is it can be done without breaking the bank.

One of the most common ways to keep kids entertained while flying is to bring along a portable DVD player along with a bunch of DVD’s for the flight. However, be sure to pack headphones so that you don’t distract others in the plane.

Books are another great way to keep kids entertained while flying. Pack a bag full of books that are new to your child, or maybe even a few of their favorites, and enjoy them on the trip. Choosing books that are focused on the location you are going to visit is a wonderful way to get your child excited about your destination, and can be very educational while still being fun.

Another great way to keep kids entertained while flying is to play fun games that don’t require any game boards or cards. Eye Spy is fun, and can be a great way to explore the plane, while Mouse in the House is a great way to keep kids quiet while making it fun. If you have a window seat make a game out of determining what the clouds are shaped like.

Many airlines also offer in flight activities for kids such as shows and games that are available on the TV screen in front of them. Check with your airline carrier to find out if your flight offers them, and if they do be sure to make use of them.

For older kids they can pretend they are a journalist, and write an article on what is going on in the plane around them. Give them ideas for stories like “Preparing For Take Off”, “What Flying Is Like”, and “The Job of an Airline Stewardess”.

Pack a bag full of Dollar Store toys that include coloring books, crayons, construction paper, puzzles, cards, and even crafts that don’t require a lot of materials or space. Wrap each item up individually in wrapping paper, and give them to your child one at a time. It is best to spread them out overtime, like one an hour. Hopefully, by the time they are growing bored of the new toy or game it will be time for them to get another one. Giving them all of the toys at once can lead to them becoming bored with everything they have quickly, and the wrapped presents give the whole thing a feeling of anticipation.

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