The Honey Well

by on January 18th, 2011
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“Got the last jar of honey for the store.”, Jane said, with a short of breath on a hot summer day. Molly added, “their running short fast nation-wide”. Before Jane puts the jar of honey away, molly looks at it. All of the sudden fear replaces here facial expression, “did anyone follow you?”, turning over to Jane. She said “No!” with a quick response. Then, Jane responded by saying, “made sure no one was following me, especially after what happened to Mrs. Smith last week. After a quick pause, June said, “Will double check the locks on the door, just to be sure.” After, Jane double check’s the apartment door locks, she walks back over to Molly. She is shaking her head with a look of amazement, “imagine it, people are killing each other over honey?” Jane nods her hear no, “couldn’t have imagined it in a million years.” They both shock their heads in agreement.

Then all of the sudden, a buzzing was head around the kitchen. Jane and molly, both looked around in fear, and said at the same time, “where is it?” Jane spots the fly, and reaches for the fly swatter. “Your too late the fly is gone, it flew out of the kitchen window.”, Molly tells Jane. They looked at each other and say, “Flies.” Then, Jane says, “No, zombie flies.” Molly then, points out, “the U.S. is nearly out of honey because of zombie Flies, of all the reasons for the honey well to go dry.” Jane states, “wish the researchers were able to find an exact cause why bee colonies, were collapsing sooner”. Molly agreed, “the colony collapse, that started in 2006, was only the start.” Molly agrees, “who would ever imagine parasites would have cause such a chain reaction?”

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