The Gulf Between Mitt Romney and the Rest of America

by on January 12th, 2011
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COMMENTARY | I have a Cuisinart Grind & Brew Coffee Maker. It’s five or six years old and even though it’s a little rickety around the edges it’s one of the nicest things I have. I love it. It allows me to take whole bean coffee every morning, grind it up, and brew a freshly ground pot of coffee every day. It’s really quite luxurious; the closest thing for me to French Press room service every day.

I was in my kitchen this morning — the morning after the Michigan and Arizona Republican presidential primaries; and I was cleaning up my Cuisinart coffee maker when I spilled the grinds all over the floor. Grinds are trapped in a filter basket; the coffee maker is on one side of my kitchen and the trash and sink are on the other wall. It’s not an ideal setup but because of the way our kitchen is set up we have no plugs near the sink. So we make due with what we have; the coffee maker is in the ideal spot for our kitchen.

Be that as it may, as I had reached down with the basket full of grinds to knock a good majority in the trash, I fumbled and the grounds spilled on the floor.

Begrudgingly I thought the best way to clean this up would probably be to use paper towels and a spray bottle to try and sop the grinds up. Admittedly we have the cheap paper towels. It’s a cost of some 79 cents for the cheap rolls we buy and upwards of $3 for the good paper towels. The same is true for many of our home products; that’s just the way it has to be; we make due with the things we have. Besides one easy way to not notice the gulf between the cheap stuff and the quality stuff is not to make a mess. The fact that we typically only use our paper towels for routine cleanups makes the glaring reality not that noticeable.

As I knelt down on the floor, going after every last granule that I knew my wife would later arrive home and announce was insufficient, the problem with Mitt Romney for president was as clear as day. Mitt Romney has never knelt down on the floor to clean anything up. Or if he has, it hasn’t been in the most recent years of his life. He’s got too many other things to be concerned with. I don’t have any empirical data to back these claims up but that’s just the way it seems to me. As voters in this country, our reality is derived from our perceptions.

Rick Santorum; love him or hate him; is one of those guys I could envision getting his hands dirty; really going in and cleaning up what needs to get cleaned up. Like when his daughter recently got sick and he bailed on the campaign stops to take care of his family. Do what needs to be done. The same attitude, I imagine, Barack Obama would take towards things.

It’s impossible to say how Mitt Romney would have handled an identical situation but his sincerity on almost everything rings hollow. I could imagine him assessing the situation and making a judgment call that the costs to his long term success would just be too great.

As I was cleaning I even wondered how much actual housework Mitt Romney has ever done. Romney’s Wikipedia profile had a pretty interesting quote tucked in between the fact that he was named for a Chicago Bears quarterback cousin (Milton Mitt Romney) and J. Willard Marriott of the famous hotel chain (dad’s best friend), his time at prep school, and his interning for his moderate dad governorship. The quote is: “Romney had a steady set of chores.”

Now we all know the factual proximity of Wikipedia but you would figure that profiles about Presidential candidates may be watched more closely than others. Were Romney’s people able to sneak this quote in to make him seem more normal? Is there some factual evidence to indicate that Romney in fact did do chores? I wasn’t sure so I did a little bit of digging.

In fact during an interview with CNN’s David Gergen, talking about Mitt Romney’s childhood, an exchange was thus:

“Gergen: Did he get you up early in the morning to go do the chores?”

“Romney: Yeah, the early morning chores began with the snow shoveling. We had a long driveway and a lot of snow in Michigan. The lawn mowing was not early in the morning. That was Saturdays. We had many, many seedlings of pine trees he planted on the bank around our home, and I was required twice a week to water all of these seedlings and then pull the weeds out from around them. We had a large flower bank or a vine bank in the backyard, which required constant weeding, the task I disliked the most.”

Funny. I imagine Romney taking French Press coffee in bed as the PMI numbers came across from CME. If the help spilled coffee grinds on the floor then it would be the helps task to clean them up.

But whatever. Maybe Mitt Romney did do some work in his life. I mean he must’ve done some work; he was a Mormon Missionary and all. So why does he STILL seem so antithetical to human interaction? You know, person to person? He seems so uncomfortable in his own skin.

Will Smith has been in a couple of movies about situations like this. If Mitt Romney wins his parties nomination and somehow comes to defeat President Obama, history will look back to the 2012 Presidential election and see a tell-tale signpost of the beginning of the unraveling…

…In the time before robots and zombies ruled the world.


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