The Best Winery in the Fort Wayne Area

by on March 8th, 2015
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The history of wine making in Indiana dates back to the late 1800s and early 1900s. In those days, Indiana was one of the top ten largest grape producing states, making it ideal for wineries until Prohibition. After Prohibition, vineyards and wineries would not be seen again in Indiana until the 1970s when William Oliver revitalized the industry. Once legislation was passed to allow wineries to be open to and sell to the public, wineries began to once again flourish in the area. There are currently fifty-three wineries in the entire state of Indiana.

The newest winery and vineyard in Northeastern Indiana is located in LaOtto, just 14 miles north of Fort Wayne. Country Heritage Winery and Vineyard in Laotto, started by Jennifer and Jeremy Lutter, opened in May of this year. The Lutters also own Blueberry Acres fruit farm nearby.

Located on acres of family land, covered with orchards and vineyards, the Country Heritage Winery and Vineyard currently produces 17 varieties of wine and boasts wines made with 100% fruit. Wine tastings are available every day, but Tuesday for $2. This price includes a souvenir glass.

The only other winery in Northeastern Indiana is Satek Winery and Vineyards in Fremont, near Lake James. In 1992, Satek Winery was started as a retirement business by Pam and Larry Satek. Satek initially functioned as strictly a commercial vineyard upon opening, growing the grapes and selling them to wine makers for production and bottling. The Satek family opened the winery in 2001, and after 10 years, continues to produce several award-winning wines today. Satek also offers wine tastings, but they are only offered on weekends.

My experience at Country Heritage was a pleasant one. Not only are you surrounded by the beautiful country scenery, but you are also captured by the warmth of the people. The $2 tasting was well worth it! The Country Heritage Winery and Vineyard promises to delight your senses with its sweet, fruity assortment of natural wines and beautifully intoxicating surroundings.

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