The 10 Sexiest Celebrity Feet in October 2011: The Big Foot Theory!

by on March 7th, 2011
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“Trick or treat, smell my feet,” takes on a new meaning in October for the foot fetishist. Here are some celebrity ladies who were handing, er, footing out the treats during the month. The top ten sexy celebrity feet for October 2011:

10. Women Of The Hardee’s Burger God: A new Hardee’s commercial featuring the God of Hamburgers trying to get you to buy Six Dollar burgers also features a bevy of beautiful women, who are really the selling point. The ladies in their tight leather attire munch on burgers, but apparently the no shoes no service rule is not in effect because these super fine models are all barefoot.

9. Kat Von D: This inked to perfection beauty has dropped a peg or two in celebrity relevance with her on and off relationship with Jesse James being the media point of interest with her television show getting axed by TLC. However, she has been popping up with her feet popping out in Internet pictures, most likely taken by the stalkarazzi. Kat likes to rock the sandals and those who miss her toes from the show got some nice snapshots in October. She’s a perfect pick for Halloween anyway, right?

8. Kristen Stewart: This actress has got to be tired of making “Twilight” movies by now, I know I am! (of “Twilight” movies, not making them.) However, a new “Twilight” movie has been getting promoted in October and Kristen Stewart, not one to show her feet off too often, gave fans a glimpse in GQ magazine and in the trailers for the movie one can see her barefoot and ready for some kooky bedroom scenes.

7. Cameron Diaz: The movie “Bad Teacher” was released on Blu-ray in October and whether or not you like the movie kind of hinges on whether or not you like Cameron Diaz. She shows off some funky see through, netted shoes, but the real foot fan moments comes during a dry hump session with Justin Timberlake when The camera starts the scene close up on Cameron Diaz’ bare feet on the bed.

6. Whitney: This comedian turned television star is a unqiue beauty and very funny. She is going to gain more and more fans as she shows off her feet in episodes of her self-titled sitcom “Whitney.” The beginning of episode three involving the “silent treatment” opens up with her on the bed the soles of her feet on full display. Yeah, foot fans better go Hulu that one up.

5. Nicole Scherzinger: Foot fans probably thought they were only get the quick shoe toe peeks unfer the judging table, but alas those who styaed tuned in were rewarded during the “at the judges home” shows. As Nicole Scherzinger told contestants their fate after the performance, she did so barefoot on an outdoor loveseat thingamajig. Her feet were still just given the quick glimpse camera treatment until one contestant got a hug from her and then and there was her soles in all their glory. The Foot Factor.

4. Zooey Deschanel: An actress and singer who puts the quirk in the hipster, er, quirk, Zooey started a new show on Fox called “New Girl.” During the fourth episode patient foot fans got a treat during a wedding scene. Zooey tool off her shoes and propped her feet up showing off the soles. The show isn’t very funny, but if she shows off more feet they could get a boost.

3. Kelly Cuoco: TBS picked up reruns of the television show “The Big Bang” theory and the advertisements for it have been unrelenting. This brings to focus the wet dream of many a nerd and non-nerd, the actress from the show Kelly Cuoco. There was a surge in popularity of clips from the show where her feet are on display, but she also posed in the nude for Allure magazine and one gets a glimpse of her bare heels. Perhaps she mostly lands at number three on the list do to it just being a big month of “The Big Bang” theory being shoved in viewers faces.

2. Bridget Fonda: Director Quentin Tarantino has a foot fetish and he makes sure to get foot content in most of his movies. In October of 2011 his movies saw new life on Blu-ray releases and even though I could have went the Uma Thurman route with this nomination I have to say Bridget Fonda in “Jackie Brown” is sexier. The close up shots of her feet as she seduces Robert Deniro are classic and as of October 4th one can get them in extreme HD.

1. Rihanna: This R & B singer has some naughty sexual songs and tends to use her body in all the right ways for female form admirers. On the cover of Esquire magazine in October she let us all see a lower part of her body ala a bare foot. Being sexy from head to toe and probably what got her named the sexiest woman by Esquire.

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