Super-Easy ‘Instructions’ for Extra-Sour Sourdough Deli-Sandwich Bread for the Breadmaker: Step 1

by on December 13th, 2014
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Super-Easy Overview

This is actually a quick bread with 3 super-easy steps, spread out over a couple of days. But once you have your taste buds set on Extra-Sour Sourdough Deli-sandwiches or edible soup bowls, the only difficult part is waiting for it to finish baking!

I always shied away from making sourdough bread because it either had too many unusual ingredients, or it took too long to knead and rise, plus it flopped every time I attempted to make it. This is however my fool-proof quick-bread recipe adaptation for use in the breadmaker, with several easy steps (requiring very little effort) spread out over a couple of days.

Super-Easy Instruction Steps

This delicious super-sour deli-sandwich sourdough bread requires two recipes, one for the “starter” (step 2) and another for the bread (step 3). The first recipe is for the “Extra-Sour Sourdough ‘Starter’ for Deli-Sandwich Breadmaker Bread”, which is the sour base. The second recipe is for the “Extra-Sour Sourdough Deli-Sandwich ‘Bread’ for the Breadmaker”, the actual bread recipe.

Super-Easy Time-Frame

You will need to start 4 days ahead of the actual day you will be baking your sourdough loaf in the breadmaker, to give the “starter” base or batter time to set (and sour). The sourdough starter needs to sit for 3 days at room temperature, and is then prepared on the 3rd night in the breadmaker as dough, allowing it to rise overnight, right in the bread-machine canister.

Super-Easy Breadmaker Baking

The next morning you will be baking your loaf on a 3-hour quick-bread cycle in the breadmaker. The bread-machine paddle will punch down the loaf, re-kneading it several more times until finally baking it into a perfectly-sized aromatic deli-sandwich loaf.

Unlike my family’s other favorite homemade-breadmaker breads, this sourdough deli-sandwich loaf requires fewer baking ingredients, making it my most economical-specialty bread, right from the breadmaker. My other easy breads include “Nutritious High-Protein Breadmaker Bread, Seasoned Breadcrumbs, and Butter” as well as “Versatility of Homemade Focaccia Bread”.

Super-Easy Price Comparisons

Compare my home-baked Extra-Sour Sourdough Deli-Sandwich Bread for the Breadmaker at a cost of about 25 cents for a full-pound loaf, to a half-sized loaf of artificially-chewy, albeit famous San Francisco Sourdough bread, which costs an average of $3.00 to $5.00 at regular grocery-store pricing! But you will be using real food sources without adding (unnecessary) artificial-preserving ingredients, and you will also have the option to add healthier flours without effecting the breads consistency or unique flavor.

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