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by on October 1st, 2010
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My youngest son has his eye on a new snowboard. I saw him eyeing his oldest brother’s board just the other day. He has totally outgrown his board of five years ago. I grinned at him and told him that he could rent a board. His response was that the prices had gone up to rent. So I decided to check it out for myself.

Of the three ski resorts in the mountains behind my house( Idaho/Wyoming) I discovered the following:

Grand Targhee rents many kinds of boards for all kinds of people and conditions. So I checked on the K2 HardSide. I was informed that the K2 HardSide is the most versatile of their Adventure collection with an all-Terrain rocker and 98 mm waist complete with metal-laminate hybritech sidewall construction for a stable solid ski. The cost to rent the board, boots and binding for a full day is $50 and for a half day is $35.

Jackson Hole also rents K2 boards. A full day rental will cost my son $54 for the board, boots and bindings. A half day will cost him $42.

At Kelly Canyon the board, boots, and binding is going to cost him $27 for a full day and just $22 for a half day. I don’t know what brand they will be. It seems to me that the price this year is about the same as it was last year for Kelly’s. Kelley’s might not be as big of a resort as the other two but seeing that I can rent for almost half the price, and I only have to drive half as far to get there, they will probably be seeing my son on their slopes. Kelley’s has chosen to be closed on Sunday’s this year and that is okay with me. I wouldn’t let me son ski on a Sunday anyway and I admire the owners for their belief and conviction of observing the Sabbath. For this reason alone they will get my business.

All three resorts have maps online of their slopes. Just click on the following names: Grand Targhee, Jackson Hole, Kelley’s Canyon. One thing I like about Jackson Hole’s online site is their live web camera’s. There is also an interactive trail map for Grand Targhee though it is not the official site.

While my son is on the slope I will be found in the lodge enjoying hot chocolate and hoping that he doesn’t break a leg.

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