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by on December 19th, 2014
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For many businesses, holiday is the right time to express your gratitude among all of your customers and colleagues for their loyalty to your company. Sending out business holiday cards for Thanksgiving or Christmas can create a lasting impression for your company among your business contacts.

Since there are some issues regarding economic uncertainty, most companies are seeking for ways to help them in saving money without sacrificing their customer’s satisfaction with the services that they offer. For holiday cards, here are some tips that companies could use to help them in saving money:

Save money on cost for postage by using electronic mail Be creative. Think outside of the usual traditions on sending out holiday greeting cards. Many card companies are offering discounts when holiday season is coming. Take advantage of these kinds of discount opportunities to maximize the budget that you have set for your business holiday greeting cards.

Sending Holiday Cards via Electronic Mail

Since you’ll just be sending cards via email, electronic cards could help you in saving a considerable amount of money because there will be no money spent for postage and you will not be spending time signing each card. No envelopes to use, no need for stamps and addresses to write on- just a simple e-holiday card that can be customized with your company’s logo, a photo and/or a short but meaningful personal message to your recipient.

Timing Holiday Cards for Specific Business Contacts

Consider sending out holiday cards in season. Try mailing your cards in time for the holiday that will be celebrated to increase the popularity of your card thus giving your business enough time to be savored with a specific holiday. Sending business holiday cards ahead of time could be a good gesture to remind about your company to your customers during the oh-so-busy days of holiday season.

Discount Hunt for Business Holiday Cards

For you to be able to get the holiday cards from card companies that you have hired to create a customized holiday cards for your company, you have to pay extra dollars for a rush service. However, it is still possible for your company to save some money just in time for the holiday season. Some greeting card companies are offering special discount packages for their customers, especially when you are going to order a bulk quantity of cards. Some offers free shipping to their client’s recipients so you will not have to worry about shipping fees from FedEx.

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