Repurposing Ice Cream Cartons: Make a Valentine’s Day Keepsake Box

by on October 31st, 2010
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According to Fun Trivia, America is the number one ice cream consuming country with Americans eating 23.7 quarts of ice cream per person per year. That’s a lot of ice cream and that’s a lot ice cream cartons going into the trash. Many ice cream cartons today are made of a sturdier part plastic material that makes them perfect for repurposing. You can repurpose an ice cream carton into a Valentine’s Day themed treasure box that’s a fun party craft or homemade gift. This is a green craft doesn’t cost a lot of green at all which makes this Valentine’s Day craft easy to love.

You can make a Valentine’s Day keepsake box with these simple materials.

Scraps of paper Magazines Scissors Glue Optional: Buttons Ribbons Foam pieces Stickers Fabric

Try these fun steps for making a Valentine’s Day keepsake box.

Wash well and completely dry the ice cream carton. You can sit the carton on a piece of fabric and trace the outside of the carton to make a liner for the inside bottom. Cut inside of the lines and glue onto the bottom of your carton.

Next place the lid onto either fabric or colored paper. Again trace around the outside but cut inside of the lines and paste on top of the carton.

Now it’s time to decorate the side of the carton. Cut scraps of colored paper into shapes and cover in a collage fashion. We scoured old catalogues for red clothing and cut out a variety of red hearts to add to treasure box.

You can also add beads, buttons, foam cut out or stickers to decorate this handmade Valentine’s Day gift. Using letter stickers to personalize the box with the recipient’s name is a nice touch. You can also cut out print and cut out poems. This keepsake just uses a lot of common household materials and lots of love.

So who would love a handmade Valentine’s Day keepsake box?

Kids can use them to keep their Valentine’s Day cards. Grandma can use one to keep her coupons in. Teen and tween girls can use them hold their hair scrunchies. Dad can use one to keep his loose change. Teachers can keep office supplies handy on their desk. Just who wouldn’t love a handmade Valentine’s Day Keepsake Box that was an ice cream carton in a former life?

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