Queen Anne of England (1702-1714)

by on February 25th, 2011
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Anne was the second daughter of James II and Anne Hyde. She was born on February 6th 1665. She had married Prince George of Denmark in 1683 he was a man who liked to be behind the scenes and they had seventeen children though sadly not one lasted long the longest was 11 years old. Her husband had died in 1708.

Anne was an extremely conscientious Queen though she had her personal prejudices. She and her sister Mary deserted their father because of his views on religion and believing that their half-brother wasn’t fit to rule England. They both sided with William, Mary’s husband. After William’s death in 1702, Anne had become Queen and when she became Queen she had been in perpetual pain which some Modern doctors believe it was gout.

For most of her reign, England was involved with war of the Grand Alliance against France and the fight against the two parties the Tories and Whigs. To make certain that both Houses of Parliament approved peace with France, Anne agreed to create twelve additional Tory peers at one time. Also in her reign a woman named Sarah Marlborough whom was a close friend of hers, played a vital role until they had a fall out in 1711. One can say that Sarah’s haughty attitude to her as Queen was increased by fact that she would absented herself from her duties at Court for long periods and devoted herself to pro-wig propaganda. Thus in 1711 after painful scenes Sarah was finally dismissed at her offices and so was her husband Marlborough dismissed from the courts. It can be said that Sarah was a user for her own gain that’s how I take it anyway.

Anne’s reign was a notable one in British history because of the Union with Scotland, the acquisitive of territories gains and economic privileges which led to the foundation of the first British Empire. Her personal contributions were the first reign which parliamentary elections and party contests were genuinely significant.

She did her duty, sometimes she did it reluctantly and sometimes harshly (she was known for getting rid of people that dissatisfied her like her faithful servant Godolphin possibly because he was wig) but she got the job done and she understood it. Anne had no children that survived to take her place and in August 1st, 1714 she died being the last of the Stuart reign.

Antonia Fraser, The Lives of Kings and Queens of England

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