Obama Mandate on Catholics Would Be like Forcing Muslims to Provide Pork Products

by on March 7th, 2015
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President Obama has thrown the Constitution out the window (again)….. He’s acting like a king, not a president.

Obama’s Department of Health and Human Services mandated that as a part of every health care plan, contraceptives and abortion inducing drugs must be part of that plan and it must be free of charge. That means that all practicing Catholics and Catholic institutions, hospitals, universities, K-12 schools, Catholic social agencies will be forced to pay for and provide contraception, sterilization and abortion drugs.

This move by the King violates Catholic teachings. This move violates the Constitution and the freedom of religion.

What the King has done would be like forcing Muslim organizations to provide pork products in their cafeterias and kitchens for their non-Muslim employees and those Muslim’s not “practicing” Muslim teachings.

That would include forcing companies like the Midamar Corporation, based in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, to add pork products to it’s lineup of meats the company sells to its wholesale and retail customers.

For those of you not familiar with Midamar, they specialize in Halal meats, the Muslim way of slaughtering and processing meat products. They sell beef, lamb, turkey, chicken… no pork! That’s a big no-no in the Muslim faith, they don’t believe in eating pork, just like Catholics don’t believe in contraception or providing abortion services. Additionally, in the Muslim faith, even cooking, storing, preparing, handling pork products is a no-no.

Midamar offers some outstanding products, my wife and I thoroughly enjoy their gyro meat, Turkish style sudjuk (sort of like a beef pepperoni), and their breakfast beef. I would encourage you to try some! I would even argue that Halal ground beef tastes better than the regular ground beef you get at your local grocery store. You don’t have to be Muslim to enjoy it, it’s called the freedom of choice.

Having an Obama mandate forcing the Catholic Faith organization provide something they don’t believe in is a serious red flag. It’s unconstitutional. Having an Obama mandate forcing a Muslim faith organization provide something they don’t believe in is equally unconstitutional. The Obama mandate throws freedom of religion out the window.

You see folks, this isn’t really about contraceptives and a woman’s right to health care as the liberal left would have you believe. This is about King Obama violating the Constitution.

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