NY Fashion Week with TV and Sports Stars

by on February 15th, 2015
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First stop, the ‘Rescue Me’ Final Episode Screening Event. After snapping some pictures on the red carpet, the boys made their way over to the Versace store of 5th avenue in NYC for their Fashion Week event. When you think Versace you think designer sunglasses, overpriced perfume, and that Greek Goddess of the emblem. Well now you’ll think of the God of Hockey, you’ll think of Alex Ovechkin.

According to Murro, the Russian native was at the Versace event with his displaced hockey nose, and appropriately enough, his hockey teeth (AKA his hockey gap where a tooth once existed). Murro, Nirschel and Ovechkin chatted for a few minutes, about the massive amounts of Versace gear Ovi already bought in Russia (obvi), and his love for NYC as well as the United States.

A bold statement for the hockey pro was his apparel, sporting a Vampire infused Nike t-shirt to the event. That is mildly understandable since he recently signed an endorsement deal with the company. Murro, being a monthly-celebrities and their watches-enthusiast/contributor to IWatch Magazine (you can’t make this stuff up), got to bask in the presence of Ovechkin’s $238,000 Hublot Tourbillion wristwatch. Moments like that make you wish you stuck with that sport in high school, or married rich. The guys even bumped into Entourage’s Kevin Connolly, Versace certainly has a wide range of fans, from NHLers to HBOers.

As the duo headed out, they invited Ovechkin to a party for the WNBA NY Liberty ladies. However, his interest for tagging along got overthrown by the many people who still wanted to meet him, especially women. Murro and Nirsch got to WNBA event; posed for the pictures, drank the drinks, and danced with the ladies. Seems like the party, except all the women there could kick your ass. People joke about women sports, but try telling them that to their faces…while you’re looking up.

Catherine Burk

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