Nascar Can Be Fun to Watch Again

by on October 22nd, 2010
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Nascar, what happened? A Nascar race used to be the most enjoyable and exciting sporting event on Sunday TV on par with The National Football League, but no longer. I could hardly wait, now I could care less but it doesn’t have to be that way. I firmly believe in good ole’ common sense and I use it all the time, that’s the way I live a lot of my life. Common sense is free and available to everyone, including Nascar.

It’s about time Nascar and it’s Czars used common sense too, here’s how. First, common sense tells us if you are driving a Ford race car, then it should look like a Ford, a Chevy should look like a Chevy etc., right now they all look the same, boring! The auto makers, if they want to be involved in Nascar, should provide base factory bodies minus all the frills, easily modified by the race teams to conform to Nascar safety requirements, that is, if you are going to drive a Dodge, then it should be a Dodge that you are driving.

Second, Get rid of the restrictor plates used for Super Speedways, if a driver has the nerve to go 220 mph and you don’t, you lose. There are other ways to limit speed without limiting engine response, the restrictor plate just happens to be the easiest, boring!

Third, the most recent cause of boredom is tandem racing, that is, two cars lined up nose to tail. If you happen to be in front, you win, if you are in back, you lose. That is the type of racing we have to endure at Daytona and Talledega. I hear that Nascar is thinking about eliminating radio contact between drivers to make it more difficult for drivers to plan their tandem attack. I’ve got it, how about making a rule that says, tandem racing is outlawed and will not be tolirated, there’s that ole’ common sense thing again.

I just have a hard time trying to understand why all the race cars have to look the same, the same tires, same body, same engine, same spoiler, I’m suprised they are not all required to be painted the same color. Let’s put the racing back into the hands of the race teams, sure there still needs to be rules and guidelines but giving the cars back to race teams and owners will give me my Nascar racing back again. It has been gone much too long.

I love Nascar, I just wished Nascar loved me!

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