Narcissism: The Decline of a Society

by on March 7th, 2015
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Every individual possesses a unique quality that differentiates him or her from other people. Whether it is a charming personality, brilliant intellect or any number or differing traits, each person is a contributing component to the world in which we live. We are all pieces of a grand puzzle, each piece vital to the completion and creativity of a vivid masterpiece.

Intertwined in the cycle of life, we all strive to be the best; persistent upon being noticed or recognized amidst vast diversity. In doing so, some forget the need for the counterparts in society that enable advancement and growth. Some forget the influences that helped to mold them into the person that they became and fall centered in a world of their own. Others grow so self-involved that they are no longer conscious of their surroundings and are unaware that evolution is shared and not isolated to ones self. Hence, the narcissist is born.

With influences from the news and other media, we are constantly steered in the direction of those who are most glamorous and famous. It’s not often we see a tycoon that publicly worries about his image. Why would he? The thought is that once you’ve reached a certain stature, nothing else matters. Our children are striving for this “liquid” status. “It won’t matter what anyone thinks if I’m rich and famous.”

This growing trend of narcissism is decaying our humanity. We are raised to accept ourselves, but some take this self-acceptance to over indulgent lengths, placing self atop pedestals above everyone else. The narcissist becomes desensitized to the feelings of other people, treating them as if they were but another obstacle. This type of person is intolerant of the flaws and sometimes, the very existence of other people. Sadly, the narcissist is often consumed by anger and hatred and breeds such hatred throughout the world. As with a virus, this anger and impatience is spread from person to person, a contagious domino effect of negativity.

Our society will surely fall to its demise if this wicked mentality is not changed. If one only thinks of self, there will no longer be charity or good will. Misfortunate children will go hungry and unclothed. Our elders will not be cared for and communities will not be able to rebuild if stricken by tragedy. The selfless acts of our troops are what have enabled us to have so many freedoms. A world consumed by narcissism is a world that says these heroes’ lives have been lost in vain.

It seems that over time, many have forgotten humility and the ability to be humble. It has become a “dog-eat-dog” world, every man for himself. This kind of mentality must be changed if we intend for our children to lead productive lives. It is the unity of mankind that will improve the world and make it a better place for our future generations.

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