Name Poem: The Ultimate Acronym for the Undying Love

by on February 25th, 2015
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Name Poem: the ultimate acronym for the undying love

Call me a princess on a snow-white horse emerged from the right mists of the celestial kingdom

Longing for belongingness, care and affection to a guy who understands me despite my weaknesses

Endearment to my afflatus in life is what I need you most to feel the essence of a true relationship

Oh my sweetheart on a snow-white horse emerged from the left mists of the celestial kingdom; here I am, where art thou?

Joyfully I made my dramatic entrance on the sly from heaven in order to entrap you my lovely princess with my warmth embrace and undying love

Oftentimes, I touch you with my tender “bare hands” with protection, care and everlasting affection

No one can ever dissever us and nobody can impede us from loving unconditionally with each other

Rest assured my darling that our relationship will remain strong, will grow by degrees until we become mature and won’t vanish into thin air forever–till death do us part

Royal highness is the ultimate address to a prince like me with my lovely princess who loves me so much despite my wrongdoings and weaknesses

You give me holy words that we will be together for time and eternity, and unending hope that someday we will happily face in the sacrament of matrimony accepting the God’s plan of salvation and procreation–till death do us part to my lovely princess.

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