My Energetic and Exciting Easter at the BIG W

by on September 13th, 2010
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I couldn’t sleep…

C’mon Jamie- fall asleep! You need your energy for tomorrow!

But it wasn’t tomorrow anymore. It was on the other side of my self-induced mandatory 7.33 hours of sleep!

The sooner you fall sleep the sooner you can celebrate Easter at BIG W, I gently remind myself…

BEEP BEEP! my alarm buzzed like a jet in my left ear drum.

Ahh! Time to get up finally I sang to myself as I practically floated as swiftly and gracefully as a cat. I sped through my morning rountine and hopped into my Mercedes-Benz at the speed of light.

My tires squealed as I rounded a curb and flew to the BIG W. The parking lot was already halfway-filled by the time I arrived to the massive warehouse, which was to open in 12 hours.

It was like slow-motion when I parked my car, thrust myself out the door, and headed to the 85-person line! Luckily, I was a pro football player a few years ago and I plowed into the back of the line like a defensive tackle.

These amateurs dropped like flies hurdling myself forward to get into the front of the line. BAM! I went down like a sack of potatoes…

What the…? Apparently I ran into a metal gate, blocking the entrance to the store. As my eyes focused, I saw a small white square with read lettering on the front-

CLOSED for 15 minutes

Those words made the world around me started to get fuzzy as it spun faster + faster and grew dim…

” What? Where am I?” I called out, but apparently to no avail. “Hello?”

” Want an Easter egg?!” cried a familiar voice.

” Ah! Who said that?”

” Better yet- a chocolate egg?” boomed the creepy voice.

That triggered an old question in my head. “Wait! What the heck do Easter bunnies have to do with chocolate?!”

” Beats me- all I know is that I like the taste of chocolate!” it chanted…

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